Infrastructure Projects

MYTILINEOS’ Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit impressive track record in this sector includes high value-added construction works for civil infrastructure and industrial projects. The company’s solid financial position, along with strategic partnerships with key international players, enable MYTILINEOS to pursue its development strategy and expand further its business activities within the infrastructure sector. The company has gained the capability and capacity to undertake large-scale complex infrastructure projects, including railways, certified buildings and private concessions, among others.

Furthermore, Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit is also classified in the highest category of construction contractors for major public works projects in Greece (including Electromechanical, Industrial, Energy, Civil Engineering, Road Construction, Marine Works, etc.).

Operating in a constantly changing and demanding environment, such as that of the construction sector, MYTILINEOS is constantly evolving. With its accumulated experience and know-how and its continued focus on high technology products and applications, MYTILINEOS is a consistent and reliable partner for the project management and execution of specialised infrastructure projects, according to the stringent international standards.

Railway Projects

From 2014 until today, MYTILINEOS applies the best international practices in railway projects, having gained significant experience in matters related to ensuring the functionality and usability of the network, compatibility and smooth connectivity with the existing railway network and of course in securing train safety, which in combination with the modernization of the network, remains one of the safest ways of transport.
The development of the railway network and in line with the sustainable development will be a real factor of growth not only of transport, but also of the Greek economy in general. Major infrastructure projects will be the basis of the country's long-term perspective and location in the wider region of Southeastern Europe.


Certified Buildings

MYTILINEOS is committed to build not only impressive buildings but also buildings that are energy efficient, healthy for their occupants and are friendly towards the environment. A recent example is the new LEED Platinum certified office facilities of MYTILINEOS, which were completed according to the highest sustainable building standards and within a period of just 24 months.

Marine Works

MYTILINEOS' experience in the infrastructure field also includes the Marine Works for SAMSUN CCPP, in Turkey.
The scope of the works included:

  • Installation of three (3) intake GRP pipelines ND 2400, of 860m length each,
  • placed from the onshore area of the plant to a depth of –15m offshore.
  • Installation of 2 (two) discharge GRP pipelines ND 3200, of 610m length
  • each including their tapered diffusers.
  • Installation of three (3) intake structures each weighing 600tns, placed at a depth of -19m.

In the peak of the Works 21 vessels were operating in the Construction Site and in some cases 18 vessels were simultaneously operating in a “confined”700m long offshore area.
Recently, MYTILINEOS has also been involved in the execution of the required Marine Works of Amandi CCPP 192 MW in Takoradi, Ghana.

Bridge & Road Construction

MYTILINEOS is also classified in the highest category of construction contractors for major public works projects in Greece, and has also significant experience in the bridge and road construction industry.

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