Environmental Solutions

MYTILINEOS' Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit provides innovative and competitive environmental solutions worldwide for water, liquid and solid waste.

Through its subsidiary ZEOLOGIC, it has developed a series of competitive patented solutions based on nanotechnology which effectively address a wide variety of water, sludge and liquid waste issues.

Recognized as an environmental pioneer in the circular economy, it has a strategic interest in the international environmental business sector for liquid and solid waste treatment, as an EPC contractor as well as a technology provider for specific solutions through ZEOLOGIC.

Water, Liquid Waste Treatment and Sludge Treatment & Utilisation

Through innovative technologies and high-quality EPC and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services, MYTILINEOS provides the most suitable treatment solutions for every wastewater and liquid waste project.

Furthermore, through the subsidiary Zeologic, it has developed as series of innovative products to support its patented solutions such as: nanocoagulant mediums, nanoflocculants, organoflocculant compounds and metallic oxidation nanoparticles. These enhance significantly the plant treatment's performance and overall efficiency.

Our solutions are suitable for urban, industrial and agricultural waste and include the construction of new or the upgrade and optimization of existing facilities.

Solid Waste Treatment & Utilization

Regarding solid waste treatment and utilization, our focus is primarily set on the following:

  • Waste to Energy (WtE)
  • Biomass to Energy (BtE)
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) applications
  • Landfill Gas (LFG) applications
  • Sorting and Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) facilities of MSW

MYTILINEOS offers comprehensive solutions and provides complete O&M services for all the above mentioned facilities.

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