Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit

MYTILINEOS strategically invested in the national and global goal of energy transition, putting all its forces at the service of Sustainable Development. The Company transformed the EPC BU - METKA into a new, modern, and innovative Business Unit; the Sustainable Engineering Solutions BU (SES BU) The BU now has a fresh direction and in addition to the construction of thermal power plants and selected infrastructure projects traditionally executed by the BU, is focusing on the dynamic development of Sustainability projects.

  • Transformation of EPC BU-METKA towards a new and innovative direction
  • Specialized in Sustainability projects supporting national and global goal of Energy transition
  • Continue to deploy its competitive advantage in the construction of thermal plants with focus on Gas fired capacity
  • Targeted growth in the domestic infrastructure field

Turn-key Projects

MYTILINEOS is a leading international contractor of specialized large-scale high-value added integrated turn-key projects, undertaking the full scope of activities through to project execution.


Power & Grid Solutions

MYTILINEOS offers the complete range of services in project management, engineering, procurement, construction and plant commissioning.

With over 50 years’ experience in the sector, recognized for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution track-record, the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit delivers complete power generation plants on turn-key basis, using different types of power generation equipment, to support the needs of power utilities.


Environmental Solutions

MYTILINEOS’s Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit provides innovative and competitive environmental solutions worldwide for water, liquid and solid waste.


New Energy Solutions

MYTILINEOS focuses on the national and global goal of energy transition through the dynamic development of sustainability projects and the implementation of new technologies.


Infrastructure Projects

Operating in a constantly changing and demanding environment, such as that of the construction sector, MYTILINEOS is constantly evolving. With its Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit accumulated experience and know-how and its continued focus on high technology products and applications, is a consistent and reliable partner for Projects Management and execution according to the stringent international standards.

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