What is a "smart" city?


A "smart" city is a city that lives and breathes through its people, while giving priority to its technological upgrading. An energy community with additional digital innovations aimed at improving the quality of life, enhancing performance, optimizing the use of resources and actively and efficiently engaging citizens.

The "smart" city responds with a smart approach to citizenship, governance, and mobility. It highlights the value of the community and its people's potential, where the consumer is now becoming a producer and is controlling his consumption. The so-called ‘prosumers’ play a key role, as they will be linked to the new energy market as important partners and associates through blockchain and will of course be in contact with all 'smart' city stakeholders.

The Smart Cities platform will include – among other things – the following services and applications:

  • Flexible energy management
  • Smart water management
  • Smart waste management
  • High functionality in public spaces (devices charging sites, 5G/Wi-Fi Internet access, audio systems for citizens direct communication with public services, weather information, access to lighting possibilities)
  • Traffic management through smart traffic applications
  • Leveraging of 5G capabilities
  • Central control systems that immediately provide information so that issues can be resolved within a short period of time even by remote management

The services and applications for households will include:

  • ‘Smart’ and ‘green’ devices such as digital energy and water meters, inverter, photovoltaic panels, batteries
  • Electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations
  • Possibility of residents to produce and control consumption (prosumers)

In this way - using digital technologies - the existing structures and facilities will be upgraded offering effective interaction with citizens, with security and reliability. At the same time, the use of resources will be optimized, and the direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide will be minimized.

Through the Smart Cities platform, applications will be developed related to concepts and services such as: Blockchain, Smart Lightning, Connected public transport, Smart Parking, Public safety, Smart roads / Connected streetlights / Smart Traffic monitoring and management, Citizen/Tourist services that will be part of people's lives to make it easier. 

At the same time, the principles of sustainability will have an important role to play in this net zero city. The ‘green’ energy will be matched by total energy consumption, while the environmental and energy sensitivity of citizens will be enhanced through continuous training and dissemination of information on issues such as energy, water, the importance of technology to the level of life.

In this way, MYTILINEOS is established as a partner for innovation and progress also for local government, building a new framework of relations; it also strengthens local communities that turn into the first partakers of the company's new philosophy, i.e of providing integrated sustainable solutions that will upgrade their daily lives.  

This is the vision of MYTILINEOS, and this is the idea behind Smart Cities. For humane cities that implement transition into a friendlier and ‘greener’ reality, centered around modern citizens and the city of the future.

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