Aspra Spitia, Distomo Beach

Everything begins in Aspra Spitia

The first project Smart Cities services by MYTILINEOS is implemented in Aspra Spitia, in Distomo Beach. This historic, pilot settlement -- designed in 1960 by Konstantinos Doxiadis - will be at the forefront again and will become a "smart" city. A community that, as it constantly evolves, will aim to bring about a real and substantial improvement in the daily lives of the settlement’s residents through a variety of innovative technological solutions, in a sustainable way.

In this way, Aspra Spitia takes on a new form and is transformed into a platform for innovation, which is able to positively change people’s way of living, offering a holistic experience of advanced living through new technologies and applications that make life easier for both a household and an entire community.

The pilot project in the settlement of Aspra Spitia was implemented with the aim to showcase the benefits a city may enjoy as it advances in its energy transformation. In this context, solar parks installed on the roofs of houses and domestic energy storage batteries have a significant share aimed at optimally using the produced energy.

A new world opens up with endless possibilities, through flexible applications and artificial intelligence technologies. Aspra Spitia settlement is paving the way for a ‘greener’ and more sustainable future.

The future is already here!

Use Cases

Use Cases
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