Power & Gas Business Unit

MYTILINEOS is firmly established in the Electric Power and Gas market. The Power & Gas Business Unit, where the Company is active through the brand name Protergia, brings under the same roof the management of all MYTILINEOS energy assets and activities. The Company  is among the leaders of the private-sector initiative in the electric power market and is the largest independent electricity producer in Greece, with a portfolio of energy assets totaling more than 1,200 MWh of installed capacity, which accounts for over 13.5% of the licensed thermal plant production capacity operation in the country. As a private producer of electricity with investments in high-tech power plants, Protergia has an in-depth knowledge of the electricity market and is constantly engaged in carrying out environment-friendly investments, thus contributing to the Greek economy and to employment. Protergia is also active in the supply of electric power, providing electricity to businesses, professionals and households aiming to meet the customers’ requirements for competitive prices and modern, reliable services.

The company’s activity in the Energy sector is strengthened by the Natural Gas operations, which secure its supply with natural gas on competitive terms, thus enabling it to enhance the Company's energy profile and, at the same time, achieve remarkable organic growth.

  • Largest privately owned power and gas utility in Greece with total expected capacity of 2.3 GW by the end of 2021 and key focus on ESG standards
  • MYTILINEOS Natural Gas and RES generation capacity allows it to take advantage of the ongoing decarbonization process in Greece
  • Most efficient fleet of thermal plants among energy producers, ranking first in the merit order
  • MYTILINEOS represents more than 41% of natural gas imports in Greece with a diverse and competitive portfolio of supply options
  • Largest retail supplier in electricity and gas through “Protergia”, with a customer base exceeding c.250,000 end customers (vsc.130,000 in Dec 2018)


Protergia is the Electricity and Natural Gas Unit of MYTILINEOS, the largest independent electricity producer company in Greece.


Industrial & Renewable Energy Plants

The company’s portfolio of energy assets, with a total installed capacity of 1,200 MW of thermal capacity and 222 MW of RES covers more than 10% of the country's active and licensed installed.


Gas Trading

MYTILINEOS paved the way for the liberalization of the Natural Gas market in Greece, as it was the first private company to obtain a license for the supply and trade of natural gas in Greece.

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