Metallurgy Business Unit

MYTILINEOS is a leader in the Metallurgy sector. Aluminium of Greece is the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminium producer in the European Union and one of Greece’s healthiest growing industrial companies. The company’s international business activity, in cooperation with DELPHI-DISTOMON, is a driving force for the national economy as well as for the development of the Greek periphery.

Through DELPHI DISTOMON, which is the second largest producer of bauxite in Greece and consequently in Europe, the annual production amounts to 630,000 tons of bauxite, from underground construction sites only. The company's focus on sustainability is strengthened by the subsidiary EPAL.ME, which is the largest independent producer of recycled aluminum. The industrial manufacturing of MYTILINEOS, in its facilities in Volos, is oriented towards very demanding - in terms of the use of technology - applications. These are usually heavy and / or composite metal structures, with high quality requirements. Aluminium of Greece has completed 50 years in operation and 15 years of successful growth, with over €600 million of investments in the technological upgrade of its plant’s facilities and the improvement of output and productivity. This was one of the largest private investments to be carried out in Greece.

  • Sole vertically integrated bauxite, alumina and aluminium producer with asset base in Europe
  • Second largest producer of bauxite in the European Union, and leading pioneer in the management of bauxite residue
  • Competitive global cost positions for alumina and aluminium whilst retaining highest ESG standards
  • Growing presence in recycled aluminium, aiming to increase output to c.65ktpa, achieving c.250ktpa total production capacity by 2022 and 25% reduction in electricity consumption per tonne
  • Long-term relationships with major European customers

Aluminium of Greece

MYTILINEOS aluminium plant is one of the strongest pillars of Greek industry and has established itself as one of the strongest players in the Metallurgy sector in the European Union, with an annual production capacity that exceeds 182,000 tons of aluminium and 820,000 tons of alumina.


Delphi Distomon

DELPHI-DISTOMON is one of the largest bauxite producers in Greece and in Europe and is today one of the two companies that are actively involved in bauxite mining in Greece.



EPALME operates in industrial production, processing and trading of metals, mostly aluminium alloys and derivative products and is the biggest independent producer of processed aluminium.

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