Sustainable Development commitments

MYTILINEOS voluntarily participates, cooperates, and supports the following Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development initiatives.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

MYTILINEOS Metallurgy Business Sector, since November 2019, has become a Production & Transformation member of Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). ASI is a global multi-stakeholder, non-profit standards setting and certification organization that aims to recognize and foster the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. MYTILINEOS, in the first stage, aims at the acquisition of ASI Performance Standard. For MYTILINEOS its participation in this initiative, represents a creative challenge as well as its solid commitment to carbon neutral production in Metallurgy Sector by 2030.


EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings for global supply chains. The EcoVadis rating system (CSR Rating) is to measure the quality of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility management system based on its policies, practices and outcomes. MYTILINEOS, by joining the EcoVadis CSR assessment platform, responded directly to the relevant request of its customers, giving them access to its performance and the relative reports, which they may use as a purchasing criterion.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the UN’s blueprint for a more sustainable future for all. Their adoption changed the social agenda and put environmental degradation, sustainability, climate change, and water security under the international spotlight. Since 2017, MYTILINEOS has aligned its policy with the SDGs, which are used by the company as a common basis for dialogue and cooperation with its key Stakeholder groups, defining, at the same time, its CSR priorities for the coming years (2025).

Greek Sustainability Code

The Greek Sustainability Code provides a structured system with regards to the transparency and commitment of businesses towards Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship. MYTILINEOS is an ambassador of the Greek Sustainability Code, while was actively involved in its development. Below is the MYTILINEOS’ response table to Code criteria, highlighting the level of incorporation (LEVEL A) of the Code’s Principles in its operation.


(Sustainability Report 2020)
STRATEGY 1. Strategic Analysis & Action ESG Performance Overview
Message from the Chairman
Strategic Priorities  
Sustainable Development Strategy
Climate Change and Energy Transition
Materiality Process
  2. Materiality Materiality Process
  3. Objectives Sustainable Development Strategy
Key ESG Targets
  4. Management of Value Chain Supply chain Management
Stakeholders Engagement


(Sustainability Report 2020)
PROCEDURE MANAGEMENT 5. Responsibility Governance
Anti-Corruption & Bribery
Legal Compliance
  6. Rules & Processes Sustainable Development Strategy
Materiality Process
Corporate Governance
  7. Monitoring ESG KPI's
Sustainable Development Strategy
Participation in Socially Responsible Investment Indexes
Sustainable Development commitments
Integration Value Creation Scorecard
Sustainability Actions Map
Parameters of Sustainable Development Report

  8. Incentive and reward systems for Sustainable Development Annual Report 2020
(Remuneration Policy and Remuneration of Board Members)
  9. Stakeholder engagement Stakeholder engagement
  10. Product Responsibility and innovation Society
Customer Health & Safety
Communication & Marketing


(Sustainability Report 2020)
ENVIRONMENT 11. Usage of Natural Resources Environment
Environmental Policy
Adaptation to Climate Change
Energy & Air emissions
  12. Resource Management Environmental Restorations & Biodiversity
Circular Economy (Waste management)
  13. Climate relevant emissions Water management
Pollution prevention


(Sustainability Report 2020)
SOCIETY 14. Employment Rights Society
Occupational Health and Safety
  15. Equal Opportunities

Human Rights
Sustainability of local communities

  16. Qualifications Emergency Response Plans
Customer Health & Safety
  17. Human Rights in the Supply Chain Employee training & evaluation
  18. Corporate Citizenship Diversity & equal opportunities
  19. Initiatives and Political Influence Supply chain management

Council for Sustainable Development-SEV

As a founding member of the Council on Sustainable Development established by the Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV), MYTILINEOS, since 2008, is fully committed to the relevant Code of Principles and is actively participating in the Council’s initiatives for the promotion and dissemination of the Sustainable Development principles.


The mission of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Organisation is to provide a framework of Sustainability Reporting principles and guidelines. Today the GRI Sustainability Reporting principles and guidelines function as a globally acceptable reference framework to be used by an organisation in order to measure and report its financial, environmental and social performance. MYTILINEOS has voluntarily adopted, since 2008, the GRI guidelines in the process of implementing the annual Sustainable Development Report, following the most recent editions of the organization, such as the new «GRI Standards».

UN Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact, as the largest global initiative of corporate responsibility - with thousands of participants from more than 150 countries - has as its primary objective to build and promote the social acceptability of businesses and markets. Since 2008, MYTILINEOS has committed itself to complying with the Compact’s 10 Principles, annually publishing its relevant performance, both in terms of its overall operation and its broader transactions.

CSR Hellas

Since 2006, MYTILINEOS is an official member of CSR Hellas, the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, taking active part in and supporting the Network’s various activities for the promotion and dissemination of the Corporate Social Responsibility principles and practices.

Collaborations with other organisations

Recognising that of collaboration and the exchange of views can significantly help improve our social and environmental contribution and the development of responsible practices in the business community in general, we focus on sharing our experience with our business and social partners.

In line with the above:

Through PROTERGIA S.A., we take an active part in public consultations on specific Bills and on draft decisions and regulations on major public policy issues in the energy sector, such as:

  1. The promotion of RES investments in Greece, which is a contractual obligation of the country in line with the EU target of a RES penetration of 20% in final electricity consumption by 2020.
  2. The liberalisation of the domestic electricity market, which is expected to result in significant benefits for the national economy, the environment and consumers.

With our participation in the above initiatives:

  • We support the promotion of RES investments in Greece, through our participation in the Greek Association of RES Electricity Producers (GAREP) and in the Hellenic Wind Energy Association (HWEA).
  • We promote the liberalisation of the domestic electricity market, by participating in the Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers (HAIPP). Additionally, as members of the Institute of Energy for Southeast Europe (IENE), we also contribute to the development of positions and recommendations and to lobbying on energy-related issues in the wider region of SE Europe.

In addition to the above initiatives, we also participate in the following organizations, with which we collaborate closely:

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), in whose “Council for Sustainable Development” our Company was an active member and whose Code of Principles it has fully endorsed and adopted.

The Greek Mining Enterprises Association (SME), whose Code of Principles on Sustainable Development our Company has endorsed and adopted.

  1. The Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development (IEA).
  2. The Hellenic Management Association (HMA).
  3. The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).
  4. The Hellenic-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Development.
  5. The Hellenic-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  6. The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  7. The Hellenic-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  8. The Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  9. The Hellenic-African Chamber of Commerce and Development.
  10. The Aluminium Association of Greece.
  11. The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).
  12. The Pan-Hellenic Exporters’ Association (PEA).
  13. The Viotia Chamber.
  14. The Association of Sociétés Anonymes and Limited Liability Companies.
  15. The ALBA Graduate Business School.
  16. The Association of Industries in Thessaly and Central Greece (AITC).
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