Material topics

Materiality analysis

The Materiality process, namely the process to identify, understand and prioritize the Sustainable Development topics, is one of the key elements of the responsible operation of MYTILINEOS. In the context of this process, the "material" Sustainable Development topics are those that reflect both the significant impacts of our organization on environmental, social and economic level as well as those that are most important for the decisions and assessments of our Social Partner groups.

Through the prioritization of the material Non-Financial topics (according to the GRI STANDARDS), the Company enriches and shapes its Sustainable Development strategy, with the aim of operating responsibly in all its activities, at local, national and international level. It is a dynamic process in which the individual assessments of the material topics, carried out by each Business Unit based on their significant economic, social and environmental impacts, are brought together and used as the basis for the prioritization of the respective topics which takes place centrally and vice versa. At the same time, the Company’s open dialogue with the members of its Social Partner groups, in addition to enhancing its ability to understand the impact of its activities, enriches this process with new data that significantly influence the assessments and decisions of its Social Partners in the context of their cooperation with MYTILINEOS.

A graphical representation of the results of the Materiality Analysis for the year 2020 is given below. The 16 topics that are above the threshold, with a value of >3.5 / 4 in the relevant prioritization scale, consist the total of the material topics of the Company, while the highest priority issues are therefore located in the top-right area of the graph, as they are the most important for both the Company and its Social Partner groups.

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