17 FEB 2022

MYTILINEOS contributes to improving the nutrition of vulnerable children

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Initiatives

Athens, Greece – 17 February 2022 – MYTILINEOS contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) to reduce the food insecurity of vulnerable social groups in Greece. In 2021, the Company ensured access by 4.000 children and adolescents from vulnerable social groups to adequate food of high nutritional value.

For a third consecutive year, MYTILINEOS actively participated in the NUTRITION Program of the Prolepsis Institute, offering daily and throughout the school year, free healthy meals, while promoting healthy eating habits for 225 students of 7 schools in Attica and Viotia. The Program was immediately adapted to the circumstances and requirements arising from the pandemic, with the aim of continuing food supply in all schools as smoothly as possible and ensuring the health and safety of children, as well as the community. In this effort, all students were delivered at schools specially designed food packages even when school units had suspended their operation to meet their nutritional needs through a full and healthy breakfast.

The Company ensured the distribution of a total of 18.509 healthy meals by addressing nutrition-related problems and enhancing children's proper dietary choices. The quantitative and qualitative analysis results following the Program’s completion show that the daily feeding of students reduces food insecurity and hunger, promotes the physical and mental health of children, and improves their dietary habits. In addition, the average food insecurity index decreased significantly by 23,3% while 73,3% of pupils stopped experiencing severe hunger by the end of the program.

Moreover, MYTILINEOS in 2021 launched its cooperation with the Food Bank Institution Against Hunger, implementing the 'Emergency Food Fund - for Kids' program, meeting the needs of 25 breadlines and institutions in Attica to support children (a) from many-member families, (b) children living in institutions and (c) children with disabilities.

During the pandemic, the nutritional needs of vulnerable social groups increased, making it imperative to participate in the program by offering food quantities and types of food mostly needed for a year. A total of 61,338 glasses of milk and cereals were distributed to 3,784 children, 149 of whom live in 6 institutions and 1,448 are disabled children.

The Company's aim is to extend its cooperation in 2022 and to contribute even further to the eradication of hunger and the reduction of food insecurity among children from vulnerable social groups. As early as 2018, the Company has secured the distribution of 77.804 school healthy meals to 768 children of 21 kindergartens, primary schools, and high schools through the ‘Nutrition’ program. In this context, MYTILINEOS will continue offering additional 26.000 meals to meet the needs of 218 pupils in 6 selected schools with a food insecurity rate of >70%, while at the same time re-reinforcing 25 breadlines/institutions offering mostly needed food, serving the needs of an increasing number of children.

Visit the Sustainability Actions Map (https://sdactionsmap.mytilineos.gr/ ) to learn more.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Antigoni Fakou: MYTILINEOS Press Office, Tel. 210-6877346 | Fax 210-6877400 | E-mail: Antigoni.Fakou@mytilineos.gr.

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