20 OCT 2022

Protergia invests in research and innovation for higher energy saving

Athens, Greece - 20 October 2022 – In the midst of a difficult time for Europe and the whole world, reducing energy costs is now becoming a necessity. Especially old buildings and unsustainable building installations often significantly increase electricity bills. However, energy upgrading is an important factor in reducing the energy consumption of buildings, reducing emissions and bills. For this reason, it is becoming necessary to renovate and shied European Union buildings, while strengthening Europe's resilience.

Protergia, MYTILINEOS Electricity and Natural gas provider, the largest private energy supplier, continues to play a leading role in this sector, as it is constantly working on new services to reduce energy costs.

Through the European Union's core funding framework for Research and Innovation "HORIZON ΕUROPE", Protergia participates in two projects that will enable its customers to try new digital energy upgrade services:

  • CΗRONICLE: It concerns the digitization of the energy performance of buildings through the creation of a dynamic building data platform in order to provide value-added services in the future. Specifically, the project aims to create a comprehensive framework for the assessment of the life cycle of buildings from an energy perspective and the creation of a "digital toolkit" that will contribute to the design of innovative energy upgrade solutions of the building sector with a view to sustainable development and the reduction of the carbon footprint. 
  • EBENTO: It concerns the optimization of the energy upgrade of buildings through the creation of digital technological tools that will allow easy, fast and effective implementation of energy upgrades of buildings. Through these tools, public and private institutions, as well as citizens, will be able to identify appropriate improvements for the energy performance of their buildings, distribute more effectively their investment funds and reduce their overall consumption with the support of energy service companies.

These projects are added to the existing 5 research and innovation projects  that are running and are developing smart energy solutions for Protergia, which is evolving into an integrated energy provider - Energy Utility of The Future – that provides modern and reliable services and competitive products to its customers.

Protergia is already offering the Sun Save service, with the aim of utilizing the energy of the sun for economy and greater energy autonomy. With this innovative service based on self-consumption - with the installation of a PV and battery - significant savings in electricity costs are achieved, due to the flexibility provided by energy production and storage systems.

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