05 JUL 2021

The arrival of the equipment of the first power generation plant marks the recovery of Libya

The construction works for the power generation plant in Tobruk, Libya, with a total power output of 650MW, led by Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit of MYTILINEOS, are now on the implementation stage. This is a significant project not only for Libya’s electricity supply but also for the reinforcement of its energy sufficiency, the total reconstruction efforts and its citizens’ everyday life.

Unfortunately, Libya has been confronted with serious power supply problems over the last years, with long blackouts acting as a major obstacle for the economic progress and energy security of the country, as well as for the quality of life of the Libyans.

The construction of the power plant will strengthen immediately the country’s energy system, thus representing a significant project for Libya’s recovery.

The implementation of the $400 million Tobruk Open Cycle project has kickstarted, and the first turbine and generator have been transported to the construction site.

More specifically, MYTILINEOS has undertaken the engineering, procurement and construction of the 650 MW simple cycle power generation plant in Tobruk with dual fuel capability (natural gas or liquid fuel). The scope of the project includes the supply and installation of 4 General Electric GT13E2 gas turbines in an open cycle configuration, as well as all the relevant auxiliary equipment and a 220/66kV substation. It is noted that the efficiency of the turbine in open cycle configuration can exceed 38%, while according to the project plan, the first turbine will be erected in August 2021 and commissioned by the end of the year, boosting the country's energy system with approx. 160 MW.

We are proud to represent Greece and Europe in leading the first large-scale project which will enable Libya to get into the pathway that  will lead to a modern and efficient power plant which will fulfil major needs, whilst significantly improving the everyday life of Libya’s citizens.

Moving slowly but surely, the North African country is progressing into a period of stability and recovery and MYTILINEOS is proud to be an integral part of this transition.

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