04 JAN 2022

MYΤILINEOS upgraded the street lighting of the Municipality of Volos

Street lighting in the Municipality of Volos is entering a new and modern era through the energy upgrade project completed and delivered by MYTILINEOS, a pioneer in integrated sustainable development projects, through environmental and energy solutions.

This initiative comes in a time when the issue of energy saving in Municipalities across Greece is becoming an urgent need not only in the contect of resource saving but also for the promotion of energy efficiency. It should be noted that today, 50% of a city’s total electricity consumption comes from the street lighting network.

MYTILINEOS, undertook the street lighting project in Volos aiming to contribute to the energy upgrade of municipal public spaces and following an international digital competition, announced by the Municipality in Volos.

For this project, the most modern solutions and lighting technologies were applied, offering more controlled and high quality lighting, improved visual performance and better atmosphere.

In addition the overall energy footprint of the Municipality of Volos will be significantly reduced, as 8.845,81 tons less CO2 emissions will be produced per year and the electric lighting will ensure 55% energy saving. A positive impact is also expected to the overall financial performance of the municipality due to the lower energy costs.

The project includes the supply, installation and maintenance for 12 years of the relevant equipment.

More specifically the:

  • Installation of 18.000 new technology LED lighting systems for the improvement and upgrade of the Municipality and specific the Municipal Sections of Volos and Nea Ionia.
  • Improvement of maintenance planning through a “Telecontrol-Telemanagement and Energy control System” (SLMS), in the System of Electric Lighting of Public Spaces (Street Lighting).
  • Use of preventive maintenance systems via pc (damage recording methodology, prioritization, restoration control, reporting and statistical monitoring).

Moreover, the “Telecontrol-Telemanagement and Energy control System” enables the adjustment of the lighting levels according to the time, traffic conditions, etc of any outdoor area (urban streets, pedestrian streets, squares, etc.).  Through the adaptive lighting, further saving and protection of the nighttime sky (limitation of light pollution).

Large-scale urban interventions, such as the specific project, amplifies all innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, improving the everyday life of the citizens, setting the ground for future smart cities, with MYTILINEOS paving the way.

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