14 OCT 2022

Announcement Acquisition of Bonds issued by Mytilineos Financial Partners S.A.

Athens, Greece – October 14, 2022 - Mytilineos Financial Partners S.A., Luxembourg subsidiary of Mytilineos S.A. (MYTILINEOS), has in issue EUR 500,000,000 2.50% senior notes due 2024 that are guaranteed by MYTILINEOS (the “Notes”). The Notes are listed and admitted to trading on the Euro MFT Market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange with ISIN XS2010038144. MYTILINEOS announces that on 11.10.2022 it has purchased Notes of nominal value of EUR2,000,000.00. The acquisition has been effected at 94.65% of the nominal value.

For further information please contact:

Investor Relations

Tel. 210-6877300 | Fax 210-6877400 | E-mail: ir@mytilineos.gr

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