29 DEC 2021

Disposal of own shares

Athens, Greece – 29.12.2021 – Mytilineos S.A.  (MYTILINEOS), announces that, according to the resolution of the Annual General Meeting dated 15.06.2021 and the terms of the resolution of the Board of Directors dated 22.12.2021, issued pursuant to the former resolution of the Annual General Meeting, on 23.12.2021 239,000 in total of own ordinary shares of an aggregate value €3,596,950.00, resulting from the closing price of €15.05 of the previous working date as provided, were awarded to the total of 13 beneficiaries as detailed below:

  • Chrisafis Evangelos – Vice-Chairman of the BoD and Executive Director for Regulatory and Corporate Strategic Issues related to Energy Sector
  • Spyrakos Fotios – Chief of Staff
  • Gardelinos Panagiotis – General Manager Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit
  • Stefanidis Dimitrios – General Manager Metallurgy Business Unit
  • Benroubi Dinos – General Manager Power & Gas Business Unit
  • Kanellopoulos Panagiotis – Deputy General Manager Power & Gas Business Unit
  • Papapetrou Nikolaos – General Manager Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit
  • Selekos Petros - General Manager Legal & Regulatory Affairs
  • Kalafatas Ioannis – Chief Financial Officer
  • Karaindros Elenos – General Manager Strategy & M&A
  • Gavalas Christos – General Manager Treasury
  • Papadopoulos Dimitrios – Executive member of the BoD and General Manager Corporate Governance & Sustainable Development
  • Bouzali Paraskevi – General Manager Communication & Marketing Strategy

in the context of executing the 1st phase of the approved by virtue of the aforementioned resolutions free distribution of shares to  executive members of the board of directors of MYTILINEOS (excluding the Chairman & CEO) or/and members of the executive management team who are key management personnel or/and higher officers of MYTILINEOS.

The said own shares were acquired from 01.06.2020 to 22.12.2021, at an average price of €10.4665 per share, in the context of MYTILINEOS’ own share buyback program that was approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders on 27.03.2020.

Following this disposal, MYTILINEOS holds in aggregate 7,672,494 own shares, percentage 5.3695% of the total number of shares issued by it.

This announcement is pursuant to Regulation (EU) 596/2014 and Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052

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