Sustainable Development Report 2020

“ We are laying the foundations for 100% sustainable and green industrial activity by commiting to reduce by 30% our air pollutant emissions across all our business activities by 2030, and to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050. ” Evangelos G. Mytilineos Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Over the past year, we maintained our high-level perfor- mances improving our ESG ratings, while we also secured our participation in even more indicators for Socially Respon- sible Enterprises. Our goal is to enhance the assessment of our corporate value and to effectively manage ESG risks and opportunities, as well as to fully integrate the ESG criteria into our strategic decision-making. Continuing with the implementation of our social policy, we carried out actions in key social sectors that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Most notable was the Com- pany's contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), where we strongly focused on address- ing and mitigating the consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. At the same time, however, we also contributed to other Sustainable Development Goals, by strengthening local infrastructure and services, supporting culture, sports and quality education, and by acting in order to alleviate poverty and unemployment and reduce national insecurity. In the context of creating a responsible supply chain for MYTILINEOS, we organized the first cycle of a new educational initiative focusing on sustainability, which was attended by sup- pliers and business partners from all sectors of our business activity. The purpose of this initiative was to raise participants’ awareness of basic sustainability principles, human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, thus contributing to the efforts to pro- mote the principles of Sustainable Development in the entire business community. In tandem with the above, last year we developed a new corporate policy regarding the protection and respect for Human Rights, in dialogue with our Social Part- ners, during which MYTILINEOS listened to the views of all its Social Partners on the key points of the policy and integrated them into its final corporate policy document. The issue of Sustainable Development has become a key priority and a major aspect of the Company’s strategy and organization. To obtain optimum results of our goals we created a new General Division for Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development, which will monitor the imple- mentation of all relevant activities and will ensure alignment of the Company's strategy with the Sustainable Develop- ment framework. In addition, we completed the acquisition of the subsidiary METKA EGN, which is rapidly evolving into one of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic and energy storage projects worldwide, and we are creating a new Business Unit – the Renewables and Storage Development (RSD) Business Unit. We also transformed the EPC and Infrastructure Projects Sector (ex METKA) into the modern and innovative Sustainable Engineering Solutions (SES) Business Unit, which will func- tion as an individual General Division. The new Business Unit, in addition to the construction of thermal power plants and selected infrastructure projects it traditionally carries out, will focus on the dynamic development of Sustainable Develop- ment projects. Indicative examples of projects of this type are solid and liquid waste management projects, hybrid and off- grid energy projects, energy upgrade projects, and innovative first-of-kind energy projects (e.g., hydrogen projects). Finally, based on international good practices and the developments in the Greek energy sector, we consolidated the Gas Trading Business Unit with the Electric Power Business Unit, with the financial results of these two activities also being consolidated on the Company’s financial statements. 2020 will go down in history as a year of extraordinary chal- lenges. The overall environment remains particularly fluid, as there are still significant uncertainties, concerning both the speed of vaccinations and the time it will take until the meas- ures to bolster the economy start to deliver. However, the recovery in aluminium prices, which rose back to nearly pre-pandemic levels, our success in maintaining competitive production costs, the improvement in the domes- tic electric power consumption and the gradual increase of its prices, coupled with the fact that major new projects in the Renewables & Storage Development (RSD) and Sustain- able Engineering Solutions (SES) sectors are now mature for implementation, lay strong foundations for strengthening MYTILINEOS’ economic performance in 2021, always in the context of Sustainable Development. 15 14