Sustainable Development Report 2019

Specific Social Targets Targets 2019 Performance 2019 Targets 2020 Number of fatalities 0 0 0 Frequency of accidents (direct employees)1 < 0.20 0.04 < 0.18 Frequency οf accidents (indirect employees)2 < 0.35 0.19 < 0.30 Incidents of occupational diseases 0 0 0 Full-time employee's retention rate >90% 93.5% >90% Training man-hours per employee >21 24.6 >23 Percentage of employees who received a performance review3 > 80% 56.0% > 80% Incidents of Human Rights violation4 0 0 0 Incidents of discrimination 0 0 0 Percentage of women in work (Direct employees) 14% 18% >16% Percentage of women in positions of extended responsibility 19% 17.7% 20% Incidents of non-compliance with labor laws and regulations and social issues 0 0 0 1&2. Injury Rate / 200.000 work hours (IR). 3. Percentage of all direct employees. The corresponding percentage of total eligible employees is 93%, up 13% from 2018. The term eligible includes employees who meet the requirements to be included in the annual performance appraisal process. More specifically, the employees who work in the Company for a period of less than 6 months are not included, as well as special categories of employees based on role / object. 4. It includes the issues mentioned in the relevant section pages 114-115. Occupational Health & Safety Materiality assessment process results. Scale: [0—4] where 0 “Not significant” and 4 “Very significant” Impact on Sustainable Development 4,00 Significance for Stakeholders 3,72 Management Approach [GRI 102-11] [GRI 103-2c] The purpose of this disclosure is to help MYTILINEOS' Stakeholders establish the best possible understanding of how the Company is managing this particular material issue, whose contribution to its responsible and sustainable development is crucial. [GRI 103-2b] Occupational Health and Safety has always been fundamental to the operation of MYTILINEOS and a primary business goal. As a responsible organization, MYTILINEOS acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the best possible Health & Safety conditions in all its work areas, as well as the right of its employees and of the employees of the independent contractors executing operations in its premises, to work without exposing themselves to any risk of injury or occupational disease. [GRI 103-1a] Boundaries of the Material Issue [GRI 102-46] [GRI 103-1b] Issue of increased significance to: Where the impacts occur: To the employees themselves, their families but also to third parties who work or visit the work areas of the Company's Business Activity Sectors, subsidiaries and permanent contractors and suppliers. The management of the topic by MYTILINEOS contributes to the Sustainable Development: All Stakeholders' groups in the context of their cooperation with MYTILINEOS. • Promotion of working conditions for all employees without discrimination. • Reduction of incidents and accidents at work and reduction of road accidents at national level. • Decent work – Creation of quality jobs. By whomare the impacts caused: The impacts are caused by the Company's Business Activity Sectors and its subsidiaries, as well as by the independent contractors and main suppliers who cooperate with the Company. 95 94