Sustainable Development Report 2019

Relationships and cooperation with Stakeholders are structural elements of the MYTILINEOS Business Model, as a function of its mission and strategy. These different Stakeholder groups are recorded, ranked and characterized as “key groups” for the Company, on the basis of specific criteria and in correlation with: (a) the position they hold within its sphere of influence, (b) the degree of significance and relativity attributed to or existing in its activities and (c) the way in which they affect its ability to fulfil its vision and mission. MYTILINEOS promotes regular communication with its Stakeholder groups; the frequency of such communication stems from the type of relationship built with each group, aiming to understand their expectations and respond promptly to matters of concern to them, while at the same time maintaining and strengthening its “social license to operate”. Stakeholder Engagement Metallurgy Sector Electric Power & Gas Trading Sector EPC & Infrastructure Projects Sector Category A: Stakeholder groups that affect, and are significantly affected by, the Company's Business Activity Sector. • Employees • Customers • Local community / Local government • Suppliers • Employees • Customers • Local community / Local government • Suppliers • Regulators • Employees • Customers • Suppliers • Local community / Local government Category B: Stakeholder groups that affect the operation of the Company's Business Activity Sector, but are affected by it in a more limited way. • Regulators • Press representatives • Academic community • Press representatives • Business organizations • Sustainable Development organizations • Business organizations • Regulators & Sustainable Development organizations Category C: Stakeholder groups that affect and are affected by, the Company's Business Activity Sector in a limited way only. • Business organizations • Sustainable Development organizations • Non-Governmental Organizations • Non-Governmental Organizations • Academic community • Press representatives • Non-Governmental Organizations • Academic community Notes: 1. In defining the Stakeholder groups, use was made of the 5 basic criteria (dependence, responsibility, intensity, influence and outlook) according to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement – 2015 international standard, leading to the classification of Social Partners in the above three main categories. 2. The group of shareholders/investors is not included in the above table since its supervision, as a key group, is carried out centrally by MYTILINEOS' Directorate-General for Investor Relations and Corporate Governance. MYTILINEOS' Social Partners definition table [GRI 102-42] 43 42