Sustainable Development Report 2019

MYTILINEOS' main target is to grow continuously and responsibly and to maintain its leading position across all sectors of its Business Activity through steady reinvestment, securing at the same time its sustainability and stable yields for its shareholders. This target translates into the following strategic priorities per Business Sector: In parallel, the Company's dynamic business growth is inextricably linked to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. MYTILINEOS is actively involved in domestic and international initiatives and organizations working to addressing the challenges of Sustainable Development. [GRI 102-12] [GRI 102-13] Since 2008, MYTILINEOS has been consistently declaring its commitment to upholding the ten principles of the Global Compact, by disclosing its performance on an annual basis. Since 2016, the Company is a voluntary participant in the global sustainable development initiative CDP – WATER Security, by disclosing extensive quantitative and qualitative information on the management of water resources in the context of its business activity. Ecovadis is the world's leading supplier rating agency for responsible entrepreneurship. By participating in the ecovadis evaluation platform, MYTILINEOS responds to its customers' request by giving them access to its relevant reports and performance, which they can use as a market criterion. Since 2008, the Company has been following the GRI Reporting Guidelines in its Non-Financial Data Disclosure process. Moreover, as a member of the GRI's Gold Community, it supports its mission to develop and disseminate the commonly accepted principles in Sustainability Reporting. As a founding member of the Council on Sustainable Development established by the Greek Federation of Enterprises (SEV), MYTILINEOS is fully committed to the relevant Code of Principles and is actively participating in the Council's initiatives for the promotion and dissemination of the Sustainable Development principles. MYTILINEOS has been a member of the Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers since 2010; this is an initiative with a key objective to promote and manage issues related to generation and distribution of reliable, cost-effective and environment friendly electric power and to deregulate the market of all energy raw materials. MYTILINEOS has been supporting since 2016 the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda), contributing to the respective national priorities. As of 2012, MYTILINEOS has integrated the Principles of the International Standard of Corporate Social Responsibility into its operation and is disclosing its progress and performance information on an annual basis. Since 2019, MYTILINEOS is participating in the International Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) as a Production & Manufacturing member. Since 2006, MYTILINEOS is an official member of CSR Hellas, the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, taking active part in and supporting the Network's various activities for the promotion and dissemination of the Corporate Social Responsibility principles and practices. MYTILINEOS, has been an ambassador of the Greek Sustainability Code, since 2015, while it actively participated in its co-drafting, by either tabling views and initiatives through the open consultation procedure in the context of dialogue or by participating in the relevant working groups. Through SEV, MYTILINEOS takes part in the Business Europe initiative aiming at the development and competitiveness at European level and at the support of the European companies regarding the issues mostly affecting their performance. Strategic priorities Metallurgy Sector Electric Power & Gas Trading Sector EPC & Infrastracture Projects Sector • Ongoing productivity and performance improvement to keep the Company's place within the first quadrant of the global cost curve. • Expansion into the aluminium scrap recycling business in order to reduce the consumption of energy and increase production. • Commitment to sustainable production and to the use of Renewable Energy Sources in the Company's metallurgical activity up to 100% by 2030. • The basic technical study for the new Alumina plant with a production capacity of 1m. tons annu- ally, is under completion. • Provision of optimal products and solutions to customers, over and above the mere supply of goods. • Seeking new vertical integration or expansion projects, in order to strengthen its metallurgical business activity. • Increasing competitiveness through strategic investments and risk-hedging methods. • Largest independent electric power producer in Greece. • Reduction of carbon footprint by means of further investment in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources. • Construction of a new 826 MW combined cycle gas-fired power plant (CCGT), to further consoli- date the Company's position as the leading independent electric power producer in Greece. • Top-notch private supplier to the electric power retail market. • Maintaining its leading position in the natural gas market with a share of 32%, by ensuring low power generation costs. • Development and maintaining of a dynamic and balanced portfolio and expansion into the energy markets of neighboring countries. • Focus on undertaking integrated energy projects of wide scale in the natural gas and solar energy sectors. • Expansion into existing and new developing markets. • Probing into new opportunities when undertaking large infrastructure projects in devel- oping countries. • Utilizing the significant industrial know-how and infrastructure developed over the recent years. • Maintaining the Company's leading role in EPC energy projects globally. • Investing in the continuous training of specialized scientific personnel. 23 22