Sustainable Development Report 2019

Management Approach [GRI 102-11] [GRI 103-2c] The purpose of this disclosure is to inform MYTILINEOS stakeholders about the readiness and immediate response of the Company to emergencies, in order to ensure the continuity of its operation and to effectively limit the potential social consequences for employees and the local communities, the environment, its reputation, as well as its financial results. [GRI 103-2b] Key Challenges / Impacts [GRI 103-1a] [GRI 102-15] Major risks [GRI 102-15] The Company's high degree of readiness and prompt response to extraordinary incidents both within and outside the boundaries of its activity, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of both its indus- trial plants and its operational installations (underground mining sites and construction sites). The Company recognizes as a risk the low degree of readiness and response to extraordinary incidents (fires, explosions, high volume materials, land subsidence, release of chemical sub- stances to the environment, transportation of products, waste, natural hazards such as weather conditions and seismic events, health and safety incidents and other hazards) with serious con- sequences for its employees, the local community and the natural environment but also for the smooth operation of its activities and thereby for its reputation and its financial results. Risk Management / Control Practices [GRI 103-2a] Appropriate Emergency Prevention and Response Plans (for fire, explosion, leakages, natural phenomena, extreme weather conditions etc.) are applied in all Business Activity Sectors of the Company, in order to deal effectively with all incidents that result in deviations from their normal operation with serious conse- quences for the environment and for the health and safety of employees and of the local communities. • In the Metallurgy sector, an Emergency Response System has been deployed in the facilities of Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia, covering the following: (a) an integrated Internal Emergency Plan (IEP) which also includes special evacuation plans, (b) systematic training of personnel, and (c) planning and implementation of readiness exercises in accordance with the annual plan and adaptation to the requirements of the IEP. • In the Electric Power sector, a package of emergency response measures is applied in the sector's energy com- plexes, RES plants and offices, comprising the following: (a) Emergency Team or Emergency Manager, (b) documented Emergency Incident/Accident Response Procedures, (c) implementation of Emergency Management Plans, and (d) implementation of personnel drills and training exercises in accordance with the special Evacuation Plans and the Building Emergency Instructions. • In the EPC & Infrastructure Projects sector, appropriate Emergency Prevention and Response Plans are in place to deal effectively with all abnormal emergency operating conditions. Emergencies (extraordinary incidents) are con- sidered to be those events that result in deviations from the Sector's smooth operation with serious consequences for the environment and for the employees' Health & Safety. In order to protect the workforce and the environment in the event of such an incident, Emergency Plans have been prepared and • In 2019, there were no industrial accidents or environmen- tal incidents with an impact on the natural environment or on public health . • New Emergency and First Aid Teams were established in the three buildings of MYTILINEOS' Headquarters, also receiving relevant training. • A total of 50 emergency preparedness Exercises were carried out in the production units of the Electric Power andMetallurgy sectors. • Specifically, in the Metallurgy sector 17 exercises were carried out , covering three main types of emergency, namely (a) han- dling accidents , (b) fire and (c) freeing locked-in / trapped people – interventions in enclosed spaces and at heights , attended by 129 employees in total. The exercises were carried out in the context of the operation of a “Mobile Emergency Response Unit” , which consists of 18 Fire Protection Team employees. The staff is well trained in fire safety and facility maintenance and this team is actively supported by approxi- mately 100 volunteer firefighters from the plant's other units, who receive proper training and are periodically retrained. In addition to conducting and analyzing emergency response exercises, the Fire Protection Team uses appropriate certified, mobile equipment and related means of assistance to help local authorities address incidents in the wider area, offering effective and prompt assistance as needed. Results [GRI 103-3a-ii] Emergency Response Plans Materiality assessment process results. Scale: [0—4] where 0 “Not significant” and 4 “Very significant” Impact on Sustainable Development 3,30 Significance for Stakeholders 3,62 are applied. Also, in EPC projects, each construction site has its own emergency plan, appropriate to the nature of its activi- ties and to the risks identified and assessed. The emergency plans are documented, accessible and clearly communicated to all personnel, who are trained to understand these plans and to thoroughly familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency, through the implementation of regular readiness exercises. Boundaries of the Material Issue [GRI 102-46] [GRI 103-1b] Issue of increased significance to: Where the impacts occur: The impacts can occur in the Company's industrial plants and facilities as well as in the nearby local communities. The management of the topic by MYTILINEOS contributes to the Sustainable Development: • Local communities • Employees • Regulatory bodies • Academic community • Customers • Shareholders • Media representatives in the context of their cooperation with MYTILINEOS. • Implementation and promotion of integrated Policies and plans to effectively manage emergencies at all levels, so as to protect the natural environment and the well-being of society at local and national level. By whomare the impacts caused: May be caused by MYTILINEOS' Business Activity Sectors, its subsidiaries and the strategic suppliers and contractors working with them. 127 126