Sustainable Development Report 2019

Although I initially planned to begin by mentioning our priorities and the major Sustainable Development issues that we faced in 2019, I cannot help but start with a reference to the devastating public health crisis that our planet has been going through since the beginning of 2020. The first months of 2020 have been an extremely difficult time for the entire world and at all levels, due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that changed our daily lives and our way of life in general, affecting people and societies in an unprecedented way. MYTILINEOS remains constantly alert to the evolution of the pandemic, following the national and international guidelines on prevention and protection aimed at containing its spread. We are concentrating on protecting our employees, for whom we take all necessary measures to ensure that they will remain active and healthy, as well as our customers and the local communities where we operate. At the same time, we are contributing to the national effort with all the means at our disposal. In 2019, demands for urgent action on climate change became more and more intense. All social groups, consumers, businesses, and governments have acknowledged the need to step up the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we see that technological innovation, the proliferation of information and data and the rapidly evolving environmental, social, and economic conditions, are reshaping every aspect of society, including the business environment. The health and sustainability of businesses and financial mar- kets, together with the growth of society's confidence in them, are crucial for economic growth. Our collective future depends greatly on dynamic and sustainable businesses and capital markets, which will ensure long-term creation of value for the benefit of all. Climate change, energy transformation and the digital revolution are trends that are already affecting the activities of MYTILINEOS — and will continue to do so. We are aware of the upcoming changes and we continue to adapt to them, following a threefold approach based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and on an ESG-driven approach, operating responsibly across all our activities. Our approach to Sustainable Development stems primar- ily from our business mission which, translated into concrete strategic priorities, as set out in the relevant section of this report, makes a substantial contribution to our continued and sustainable operation and is closely linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We welcome, anticipate and – for our part – contribute to the achievement of Agenda 2030, which is the only internationally agreed framework on sustainable devel- opment and is inextricably linked to business strategy through three pillars: (1) Economy with a social face, focusing on the future of work and the utilization of new technologies. (2) Sustainability of raw materials and value chains, giving priority to sustainable procurement, the circular economy, human rights and the responsible management of materials. (3) Sustainable markets and financing, focusing on transparency in governance, sustain- able financing and the disclosure of non-financial information. Against this background, in 2019: Message from the Chairman [GRI 102-14] 11 10