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Training of Security personnel on Human Rights

Training of Security personnel on Human Rights

With a view to maintaining a work environment in which the values of the Company will foster the respect for Human Rights and the treatment with fairness and dignity of all people involved in our activities, we have launched an effort to provide our personnel with training on the policies relating to the protection of Human Rights.

In 2011, this initiative was implemented as a pilot addressed exclusively to the security personnel of our subsidiaries or to employees of external Security companies which provide their services to our Company.

A total of 37% of our companies’ security personnel received training on Human Rights protection policies, with the training subject areas covering in summary the following:

  • Obligation to respect the Human Rights.
  • Right to life.
  • Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion.
  • Respect for Privacy and Family.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • No punishment without a previous law.
  • Prohibition of Torture.
  • Prohibition of Slavery or servitude.
  • Right to freedom.
  • Freedom of assembly and association.
  • Prohibition of discrimination and prohibition of abuse of rights.
  • Right to a fair trial.
  • Presumption of Innocence.

Broad references were also made to the provisions of the Constitution of Greece regarding the respect for human rights and the explicit prohibition of all discrimination between individuals.

To this day, no incident has been reported and no complaint has been made against security employees of the Company involving a violation of human rights. This initiative will continue in the future, as we aim to include the training on Human Rights protection practices as a permanent subject in the training plans of our subsidiaries.