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Strengthening employability

Strengthening employability

As our Company’s key activities are located in the Greek periphery, we acknowledge and accept our share of the responsibility to contribute to the efforts to enhance the prosperity of the respective local communities. In line with this role, we publicise the priority that we accord to recruiting all types of personnel – technical and labour personnel, administrative employees, as well as senior management executives – from the communities of the regions where our subsidiaries are located.

In all the geographical regions where we operate, our employees come in their majority from the local population. In addition, our practice to include in the management teams of our companies people coming from the local communities as senior executives,  improves our ability to understand local needs and helps us build the conditions that allow the gradual creation of a satisfactory income for the local community.

At the level of our subsidiaries, we have developed reliable personnel selection procedures, designed to assess the qualifications/skills of candidates in relation to corporate requirements and needs as well the extent to which they meet the requirements of the Company’s Professional Ethics Code. Recruitment from outside of these communities is only initiated in cases where the particular requirements of a Company company involve specialisations which are not available in the local communities and therefore cannot be sourced locally.