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Socio - Economic impact study in Greece

In MYTILINEOS, we consider that the development and suitable management of our Social Capital is a precondition for the stability, continuity and potential of our relations with the key Stakeholder groups. For us, the term “Social Capital” is of particular significance, as it is associated with the way in which we operate in the local communities where the Company’s business activities are located. It is also what drives the Company’s human resources to excel themselves in whatever task they undertake, while it also boosts and attaches substance to the Company’s business value. Most importantly, however, the term represents the strong relationships of trust that we have built with our key Stakeholders.

Stakeholder Consultation Process

The result of the aforementioned process as well as the results of every year’s Consultation process are presented in detail in the following files, which also include the key Stakeholders groups of MYTILINEOS:

2017 Stakeholder Engagement PDF
2016 Stakeholder Engagement PDF
2015 Stakeholder Engagement PDF
2013 Stakeholder Engagement PDF
2012 Stakeholder Engagement PDF
2011 Stakeholder Engagement PDF