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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Given that the demand for new products with longer lifecycle spans and reduced environmental impacts is steadily increasing, we invest in Research and Development, looking for solutions that will satisfy the varying needs of our clients and seeking to offer a comprehensive service with the lowest possible burden on the environment.In this direction, our key business partners and suppliers can act as catalysts, as they are an integral part of our efforts.Therefore, the management of local suppliers by the Company subsidiaries is governed by specific rules and also includes plans for future initiatives, as follows:

(a) Depending on the scope and nature of a specific purchase, priority is given to local suppliers, who are selected on the basis of their solvency, reliability in terms of quality and punctuality in terms of delivery, cost of products or services, available capacity to ensure the quantities required, and capability to meet the requirements of the particular purchase in accordance with the specifications set by the respective Company subsidiary.

(b) Efforts are also being made, by applying practices and procedures characterised by transparency and meritocracy, to strengthen our collaboration and communication with local suppliers. This effort is also in line with our stated priority to support local development, where possible, as specific projects may require specialised suppliers from industrially developed countries. Additionally, in many cases we provide our supply chain participants with the know-how and methods required to process the materials required for our activities, and we encourage investment initiatives involving more environment-friendly production processes.

(c) The contracts signed with our major subcontractors and suppliers contain clauses regarding their obligation to comply with the laws, to ensure the safety and protection for their personnel, to pay all types of statutory or contractual personnel wages and salaries, and to take out and maintain in effect appropriate insurance policies. They also contain clauses on environmental compliance (in accordance with the ISO 140001 International Standard) and on the protection of human rights.

(d) Additionally, we have issued the “Suppliers & Business Partners Code of Conduct” of MYTILINEOS, which sets out our minimum requirements/expectations from our supply chain actors (suppliers / business partners) regarding CSR-related issues, as a key precondition for entering into any commercial association with them. The sections of this Code address issues such as the Protection of the Environment, the Safeguarding of Health & Safety, Working Conditions, and Ethics & Integrity.In developing the Code, our aim is to obtain our suppliers’ commitment to sustainable development best practices, which will lead to mutual benefits. In addition, we believe that our effort will elicit considerable positive responses, mainly because of the large size of the companies concerned and their exposure to challenges in the external environment.

Developing and maintaining good relationships with the supply chain actors is a commitment in which the Company has invested and is continuing to invest through permanent associations on the national as well as on the local level. Our policy in this area has made possible the production/manufacture in Greece of a broad range of specialised materials and of simple and custom-made products that meet the needs of our subsidiaries.

Although varying slightly between its various activities, the term “local supplier” for our Company generally refers to suppliers of materials, products or services, both industrial and otherwise, who are located within the geographical region where our subsidiaries are based and within their sphere of influence, which frequently extends to the entire Greek territory. In selecting their suppliers, our companies follow simple procedures characterised by meritocracy and transparency. The key parameters affecting supplier selection, in addition to geographical location, are the following:

  • The quality of the products and services offered
  • Customer service.
  • Pricing policy.
  • Solvency.
  • Punctuality in the delivery of products and services.
  • Compliance with the “Suppliers & Business Partners Code of Conduct” of the MYTILINEOS Company.
  • Availability of suitable production equipment according to the specific needs of the Company.
  • Experience.