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Protection of Biodiversity

Protection of Biodiversity

In MYTILINEOS, we have taken care to ensure that our facilities are not located adjacent to areas protected by law and to areas of high biodiversity value. Therefore, there are no significant impacts which may affect adversely, either directly or indirectly, the integrity of the geographical area or region where the facilities of our Group companies are located.

In particular, in the Metallurgy sector the area where the aluminium production plant is located does not form part of any area protected by law nor is it an area of high biodiversity value. We also recognize that the mining activity results causes alterations of the natural landscape and visual changes to the terrain morphology. To address these, we are taking specific actions to redress the adverse impacts and to ensure the integrity of the areas affected, in order to preserve the natural environment. Moreover, according to the Code of Principles for Sustainable Development of the Greek Mining Enterprises Association, and in particularly the Principle 5 which states "the need for adopting, development and implementation of good and scientific subjects founded methods of design of extractive activities for the effective protection of the environment and to conserve biodiversity", prior to the development of our mining activities in a particular natural environment, we analyze all impacts and potential risks involved through an impact assessment study.

With respect to our activities which concern the construction of wind farms located near areas that have been designated as Special Protection Areas, it is pointed out that the operation of wind farms has no adverse impacts in terms of pollution (gas or liquid waste), the movement of animals is not obstructed as there is no fencing, and the disturbance to the local population of birds is negligible, as has been shown by scientific studies.