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As a responsible organisation, MYTILINEOS acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the best possible Health & Safety conditions in all its work areas, as well as the right of its employees and of third parties (business partners, clients, students and other visitors) to work in the company’s work areas or to visit them without exposing themselves to risks that could result in injury or occupational illness. MYTILINEOS also acknowledges that the elimination of accidents and occupational disease incidents at the workplace and especially at its production facilities, promotes sustainable, productive employment and decent work, while it also plays a decisive role in boosting its competitiveness.

Core elements of the MYTILINEOS Occupational Health and Safety policy:

Full compliance with the applicable laws on Occupational Health & Safety and with other relevant rules and regulations.

Recognition and assessment of occupational risks and adoption of measures to control and mitigate them.

Establishment of preventive action programmes to improve work conditions, as well as of preventive and corrective action plans, procedures and instructions, so as to ensure that risks are minimised or altogether eliminated.

Systematic measurement, assessment and effort to reduce the levels of exposure to harmful factors, and continuous monitoring of the employees’ health.

Open and transparent communication on all issues regarding Health and Safety.

Provision of information, awareness raising and training of employees in Health and Safety issues, to eliminate incidents at the workplace.

Systematic inspection of the organisation and of the processes and procedures in place, to ensure their continuous updating and improvement, the respect of the rules and the achievement of the targets set.

Constant efforts to ensure alignment with the relevant international standards and the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety best practices.

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