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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The primary goal of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategic plan of MYTILINEOS is to establish directions that ensure the presence of ethical criteria in operations, the respect of the individual and the protection of the environment across all our business initiatives and activity sectors. Our Company’s operation is guided by the belief, shared by all its members, that entrepreneurship in all its forms must be governed by the moral values and principles that keep unbroken the Company’s alliance with Society, with its Employees and with the Environment.
In summary, the CSR strategy that the company has been applying for the last four years consists of specific directions that include the following:
  • Development of a CSR culture in all our subsidiaries.
  • Engagement in an ongoing dialogue on CSR and building of effective relationships of trust with our key Stakeholder Groups.
  • Identification, measurement and reduction of our environmental footprint in the areas where our activities are based.
  • Promoting transparency in all our business units, transactions and operations.
  • Guaranteeing the best possible work environment as well as highest possible level of satisfaction for our people, through their participation in the Company’s ongoing growth.
  • Promoting the protection of Human Rights and – first and foremost – of the Rights at Work.
  • Our substantial and ongoing involvement in meeting the needs of local communities as well as of society at large.
  • Our participation in international CSR indices and standards, seeking to ensure the continuous improvement of our practices and to increase the added value of our operations.
  • The effort to extent our commitment to CSR to persons and groups within our sphere of influence.
Each one of the above CSR strategic directions is implemented through a range of actions, of which some are common for all our subsidiaries and others have a more specific focus and are applied depending on the nature and particular characteristics of our business activity sectors.

CSR Report

Sustainable Development Report 2017

Sustainable Development Report 2017

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Sustainable Development Report of the Company is available in PDF format.