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Market Practices

Market Practices


MYTILINEOS places particular emphasis on product quality and safety. Product quality and client satisfaction, including continuous customer service and support, are areas of continuous development for the Company. Because of the varied nature of its activity sectors and the geographical dispersion of its operations, the Company has a broad client base, particularly so in the sectors of Metallurgy and EPC Projects.

In the Metallurgy sector, the impacts of the Company’s primary products on health and safety are related to the end use of the secondary products to result from its manufacturing clients. The Company is committed to ensuring the best quality in its products, in response to the expectations and requirements of its clients, by “PROVIDING CLIENTS WITH PRODUCTS – ALUMINA AND PRIMARY CAST ALUMINIUM – AND RELATED SERVICES THAT FULLY MEET QUALITY REQUIREMENTS”. To achieve this principal goal, the Company is managing proactively the processes and resources related to the improvement of the quality, safety and environmental impact of its products and services, seeking to secure benefits for its clients and, thus, for society.

In the EPC sector, in addition to taking into account the internationally applicable regulations on the design of such projects and the control of subcontractors to ensure compliance with the health and safety regulations, the Company monitors in detail the quality, safety and health measurements of its end projects, in order to ensure that the stated requirements of clients are met. This is carried out at various stages during the implementation of each project, in accordance with the respective activity schedule. Our goal is to “ENSURE THAT THE MATERIALS INTENDED FOR INCORPORATION WHICH DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE STATED QUALITY AND HEALTH & SAFETY REQUIREMENTS ARE CHECKED AND IDENTIFIED AS SUCH, SO AS TO AVOID THEIR INTENTIONAL USE AND DELIVERY”.