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Main Target and commitments

Main Target and commitments

MYTILINEOS continues to work ceaselessly in order to ensure the achievement of the target “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPAIONAL DISEASES AT THE WORKPLACE”, which is one of the major challenges in the industrial sector and, therefore, in each one of the company’s Business Activity Sectors.

Metallurgy Sector: In the Metallurgy Sector, Health and Safety have always been of the utmost priority. Despite the significant reduction in the number of accidents both with and without interruption of work, as well as in occupational diseases, efforts in this area continue unabated. The company committed to constantly improve work conditions and to take preventive action so as to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, seeking to rank among the top performers globally in this area.

Electric Power & Natural Gas Trading Sector: In the Electric Power & Natural Gas Trading Sector, the company committed to continuously improve its performance in order to minimise the risk of all the Sector’s activities to the health and Safety of its employees, suppliers, clients and visitors.

EPC & Infrastructure Projects Sector: In the EPC & Infrastructure Projects Sector, the company committed to proceed to all the actions required to improve its health and safety conditions and performance, as specified by the applicable provisions of the Greek and European legislation. The ultimate goal for all projects to be performed to the best quality and time requirements, without any accident or incident that could harm human health.


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