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Local Communities

Local Communities

With the aim of helping develop and maintain social cohesion in the local communities where we operate, our relevant commitments – undertaken mainly through our subsidiaries – focus on:

  • Offering jobs through the development of economic activities.
  • Enhancing prosperity through the implementation of infrastructure works.
  • Creating income through social investments.
  • Extending lifelong learning for citizens and helping them expand their skills.
  • Promoting and preserving the local culture and arts.

Beyond our contribution to the economic development of the local communities where we operate, in MYTILINEOS we seek to also promote the balanced and varied development of these communities by actively and consciously supporting their cultural, intellectual, social and sporting life. In addition to our standing position regarding the support of Culture, Sports and Entrepreneurship, our Company’s social policy is also expressed through concerted actions to provide technical and financial assistance for local infrastructures.

Each year, we help find solutions to a number of social issues and we provide financial assistance to actions and initiatives whose aim is to strengthen social cohesion at the central as well as at the local level.

We assist in the implementation of local infrastructure works, by contributing financial, technical and other resources.

We support high social interest initiatives of the local social and environmental organisations.

We strengthen local cultural life and education.

Our efforts to build constructive collaborations with the local communities in which we operate define the scope of our social goals, which involve the “CREATION OF JOBS AND DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS”, “SOCIAL INVESTMENTS IN LOCAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS” and “STRENGTHENING EDUCATION, CULTURE AND HEALTH”. Furthermore, acting as a "RESPONSIBLE CORPORATE CITIZEN", we focus on limiting our companies’ exposure to corruption, we plan measures to mitigate the risk of incidents of corruption by adopting international anti-corruption standards, we adhere to market rules, and we strengthen transparency through the participation and active engagement of our Stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue. We participate actively and consistently in public consultations on specific Bills and on draft decisions and regulations which concern the Energy sector and affect directly our business activities.