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Liquidity Risk

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk is related with the Company’s need for the sufficient financing of its operations and development. The relevant liquidity requirements are the subject of management through the meticulous monitoring of debts of long term financial liabilities and also of payments made on a daily basis.

The Company  ensures that there is sufficient available credit facilities to be able to cover its short-term business needs, after the calculation of cash flows arising from the operation as well as cash and cash equivalents which are held. The funds for long-term liquidity needs ensured by a sufficient amount of loanable funds and the ability to sell long-term financial assets.

The maturity profile of the Company’s financial liabilities as at 31.12.2016 and 31.12.2015  are presented in page 122 of ANNUAL REPORT 2016.


Capital Control imposition in Greece

The Company  is constantly and vigorously monitoring capital controls, stemming from the Legislative Act (L.A.) of June 28th 2015 and any subsequent ones, taking every necessary measure to safeguard its going concern. Through the strength of its international profile and export orientation, the Company  copes with existing difficulties, supports the liquidity of the Greek system and achieves a smooth and normal operation for all its sectors of activity. 

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