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Management Approach

Management Approach

In MYTILINEOS, we invest in our people, as we recognise that our business success and our future growth are due to them. In line with this approach, the Group has established a work environment in which all the employees that make up the human resources of its companies enjoy job security, equality, stability, a high level of professional and personal satisfaction, loyalty and commitment to the corporate values. The respect of the rights and of the personal dignity of employees is a core commitment for MYTILINEOS , and investing in people is part of our corporate culture. To this end:

  • We take care to ensure that we are able to attract and retain qualified individuals with principles and values such as integrity, consistency, loyalty, creative thinking, professional diligence and a sense of responsibility.
  • We seek to provide employment conditions and a work environment with the best possible conditions in place to encourage creativity, development and full use of the capabilities of each employee.
  • We share our knowledge and experience to promote “lifelong” learning through processes that identify the areas for development of our employees’ professional capabilities and for provision to them of training on subjects that conform to the Company’s strategic goals for development.
  • We improve the conditions and the Health and Safety standards in our work premises, in order to meet the needs of our employees and help them balance their professional and family obligations.
  • We evolve by constantly creating new career opportunities for all employees, offering equal opportunities and competitive remunerations and benefits through a Performance Review system based on methods and tools that assess individual and team performance and their interrelationship.
  • We maintain labour peace, through policies and systems that foster harmonious collaboration and promote a good work environment.
  • We establish an Internal Communication System that promotes lateral and hierarchical communication and strengthens corporate culture.

We are standing by our people with honesty, we communicate with them openly and we support them in their professional development. Our core priority is to achieve the target “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES”. In parallel, we are committed to treating our people responsibly and consistently, so that we remain their first choice of employer throughout the course of their careers.