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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

The Athens Stock Exchange's announcements, the Quality Criteria of Publicity of the Stock Exchange Companies, and the existing legislation - in particular the Code of Ethics of the Stock Exchange Companies - as well as the need to create a two-way communication among the Stock Market Company and the Investors, the Supervising Authorities and all other interested and involved parties, lead to the creation of the Investor Relations Department of Mytilineos.

The main goal of the Investor Relations Department is to program and realize all necessary actions for informing the structural investors, domestic or foreign, and to take care for a timely and proper information and servicing of the shareholders of all the Company, according to the clauses of the regulating organizations (Athens Stock Exchange, Capital Market Committee, etc), assuring their proper, immediate and equal information, in line with a proper and lawful operation of the Company.

Shareholders and Corporate Announcements Department

Shareholders and Corporate Announcements Department organizes and fulfills all necessary proceedings according to the regulatory authorities' framework (HCMC, HELLEX etc), in order to keep the Company shareholders properly informed. It also secures that all shareholders receive accurate, direct as well as equivalent information and service regarding the exercise of their rights. Finally, it is hold responsible for monitoring the company's obligations towards the Hellenic Committee of Capital Markets and the Athens Stock Exchange.

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