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Measuring our impact on the environment is a long-term process, evolving each year. To this end, the company takes steps to stabilise and reduce its environmental footprint, through an integrated Environmental Management System in place in all its business activity sectors and through investments in the improvement of its production processes taking advantage of new developments in related technologies, as well as by adopting and applying Best Available Techniques (BATs).

Core elements of the MYTILINEOS Environmental policy:

Adherence to the commitments and agreements that MYTILINEOS has undertaken over and above its statutory obligations.

Integration of Sustainable Development principles in its decision-making and operation processes.

Assessment of the impacts of the company's activities on the environment, identification and assessment of potential risks, adoption of the necessary preventive measures, conduct of regular inspections and drills in order to confirm their implementation and evaluate their efficiency.

Control, continuous reduction and proper management of solid, liquid and gaseous waste, employing utilisation, reuse and recycling techniques where feasible.

Responsible use of energy, water and other natural resources.

Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.

Prevention of all identified pollution risks.

Satisfactory readiness and effective response to environmental emergencies and correction of all deviations, by implementing corrective plans.

Study, maintenance and evolution of appropriate prevention and suppression means, especially in cases where installations are modified.

Correction of all deviations identified, by introducing and implementing corrective and preventive action plans and rehabilitation plans.

Continuous briefing, training and awareness-raising activities for personnel in all Business Sectors, in a manner that is adapted to the duties and needs of each employee and promotes an environmentally responsible culture.

Acknowledgment of Stakeholders’ needs and expectations regarding environmental issues, demonstrating increased awareness of them and promoting a climate of cooperation.

Encouraging associates (contractors, suppliers, clients) to take action in connection with environment-related issues and strengthening of their environmental conscience.

Organisation of regular internal and external inspections to assess the performance of the Environmental Management System, the achievement of the targets set and the application of the regulations and principles.


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