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Employees Training & Development

Employees Training & Development

Professional advancement, succession planning, the development of diverse skills and capabilities at various hierarchical levels, performance reviews, education and training, and the transfer of know-how and experience to direct personnel as well as to supervised employees, are common objectives shared by all MYTILINEOS companies.

The Company’s activity in various sectors, such as in the processing of metals, in specialised construction projects and in the energy sector, leads to differing training needs, yet at the same time offers to its personnel access to a broad range of knowledge and skills, providing them with opportunities to develop managerial and problem-solving skills, as they face new challenges every day. In MYTILINEOS, education and training focuses on the ongoing identification of actual training needs, based on which the annual training programmes are developed.

These are addressed to all newly-hired personnel as well as to existing employees, who may change jobs or take on additional responsibilities.

Moreover, the Company’s work environment encourages initiative, rewards innovation and evaluates each employee’s individual performance. Each subsidiary has in place advanced performance review systems for its personnel, whose key feature is the absolute priority given to filling vacancies through internal promotions, provided that the candidate employees possess the knowledge and qualifications required for the corresponding position.