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MYTILINEOS' response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the outset and long before the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, motivated by a keen sense of responsibility, MYTILINEOS has maintained strict vigilance and assiduously has been following national and international guidelines for prevention and protection of the pandemic, taking strict measures to limit its spread. MYTILINEOS' primary goals were and continue to be:

1) the health of its employees and their safety at work, as well as the health of their families;

2) the contribution to the country's effort by supporting the National Health System and society as a whole, and

3) the ensuring of the Company's constant operation.

From the start of this crisis, MYTILINEOS has been implementing a multifaceted plan with the following actions, initiatives and instructions intended to protect and support the health of its people. Indicatively, the company proceeded to:

  • Setting up a special team (Covid Management Team) for monitoring, evaluating and dealing with the effects of the phenomenon effectively.
  • Developing a comprehensive preventive action plan two weeks before the first case occurred in the country; to be updated based on developments.
  • Timely adoption of increased personal hygiene measures. Drawing up clear instructions and putting in place measures to supervise their observance, for all the staff to apply the rules of personal hygiene based on the directions of the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), the World Health Organization and the Company's Occupational Physicians, was a major means of protection and of limiting the spread of the virus.
  • Specialised instructions and special care for employees belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • Maintaining social distancing. Avoiding visits indoors with large numbers of people, following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and of competent bodies; avoiding crowding and maintaining two-metre safety distances between desks (2 persons per 15 m²).
  • Adopting teleworking for 90% of staff working in offices and conducting online meetings through use of Teams / Skype / Teleconference platforms, exceeding 800 meetings per day.
  • Creating a special "SARS-CoV-2 - What I need to know" microsite, as well as establishing an “HR Call Center” for keeping employees informed continuously about the Company's measures and instructions.
  • Maintaining a Program of Regular Fortnightly Disinfections (using approved certified non-toxic, colourless and odourless material) of all facilities intended to reduce the levels of microbial load significantly.
  • Daily temperature screening of all employees and direct communication with the company doctor in case of feeling unwell.
  • Distributing regularly a special individual package per employee, containing face masks and sanitisers.
  • Installing hand sanitiser dispensers at key points of the premises.
  • Suspending the operation of eating facilities and reopening them under specific conditions and safety measures.
  • Issuing special instructions to the staff for the proper use of air conditioners, based on the relevant circular of the Ministry of Health.
  • Restricting/banning business travel.
  • Updating prevention and protection guidelines, including tips for safe vacations.
  • Use of a face mask by employees when moving from their workplace within the company.
  • With the experience of dealing with the first wave of the pandemic, the Company prepared for the safe return from their holidays both of employees and of external collaborators with a permanent presence in the company's facilities. In this context, after a five-day telework from the date of return from vacation (where this is possible), all employees undergo preventive diagnostic tests, at the Company's expense. The tests are conducted either by special teams at the facilities of the Company, which has procured the relevant equipment, or at diagnostic centres contracted by the Company.
  • The company has arranged with diagnostic centres that first-degree relatives of employees may be tested at preferential prices.
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