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Communication campaign to prevent accidents

Communication campaign to prevent accidents

Accident prevention campaign: "Activate the brain's right hemisphere" in ALUMINIUM OF GREECE


In 2014, the Management of the ALUMINIUM OF GREECE plant judged that the safety of employees is an issue that cannot be tackled solely through inspections, work instructions, procedures etc. There is a need to raise awareness among employees using emotion as a trigger for effective thinking and acting with regard to safety.

To this end, the decision was taken to carry out a specialised campaign on safety at the workplace, using the innovative method of activating the brain's “right hemisphere”. According to the campaign’s concept, in order to raise awareness effectively, the right stimuli/messages must be provided to activate the right hemisphere of the employees' brain, which in turn mobilises imagination, creativity and emotion.

This effort started with a search for ideas, followed by the photo shoot, image processing and printing and, finally, the placement of posters in various locations within the plant.

The campaign was carried out by a group of employees consisting of members of the Plant’s Health & Safety Committee, volunteer graphic designers working in ALUMINIUM OF GREECE and the plant’s Safety Department.


  • A positive feedback it was found, through employees’ internal communication channels, on the impact of the used media messages.

  • The improvement of safety indicators (outpatient visits FA index – includes all of worker injuries) is the result of this campaign which enhancing the existing actions led directly and indirectly to reduce the FA index by 33%.

Watch the video : Live safely


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