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Chairman's Message <br /> Evangelos Mytilineos

Chairman's Message
Evangelos Mytilineos

Evangelos Mytilineos

The new era has begun for MYTILINEOS.

We are moving forward with dynamism, guided by our vision for the continuous development of one of the most competitive industrial companies, with a strong presence in several key sectors of the Greek and global economies.

The successful merger of the Company’s principal subsidiaries with the MYTILINEOS parent company into a single entity with a renewed leadership and an organisational structure designed on the basis of international best practices, that all potential synergies will be realized and establish the best possible conditions for sustainable development.

Today, MYTILINEOS represents a healthy and solid foundation for the growth of the Greek industry and economy. Our long and eventful history, our strong presence in key sectors of the Greek industry, the methodical expertise of our people but, most of all, our dedication and hard work, give us the strength to carry on successfully and to keep enhancingour position against global competition.

MYTILINEOS has been active as an industrial company since 1908. The last decade was a particularly productive period for the Company, as it established the characteristics and laid the foundations on which we will continue to work in order to further strengthen MYTILINEOS, both in Greece and internationally.

MYTILIINEOS now has the critical mass and compact structure that will enable it to bolster its presence in its four activity sectors: EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction), Metallurgy, Electric Power and Gas Trading.

In the Greek business environment, our pioneering initiatives open up long-term prospects for MYTILINEOS. We are drawing on our country’s potential, primarily its people, but also raw materials and technologies, aiming to enhance and promote Greek industrial manufacturing solutions and products in Europe and around the world.

The Company’s business extroversion is confirmed by major agreements that have been and continue to be concluded, despite the adverse conditions in the Greek economy. MYTILINEOS is constantly demonstrating the Greek industry’s ability to distinguish itself globally.

The Company’s prospects for growth over the next five years focus on expanding its portfolio of energy assets in the Greek energy market currently under liberalisation, as well as on sustaining current growth rates in the EPC, Metallurgy and Electric Power Business Units. Strengthening the competitiveness of the Gas Trading Business Unit represents the final pillar of the Company's growth strategy.

MYTILINEOS is ready for the new era.