62 63 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2017 In 2017, MYTILINEOS was one of the very first Greek businesses to commit themselves to the GEFYRA Programme (Greek Enterprises For Youth Reinforcement Acceleration) of the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Hellas). This programme combines into a single initiative the “EU talent” internship programme and the European Pact for Youth (Pact4Youth) and is based on the key pillars of professional experience/ training, practical training (internships) and professional skills building. In the context of its commitment to the Programme, the company has undertaken the following: programmes that offer a way out to unemployed young people through 12-month salaried internships and openup career prospects for them, alsoproviding them with a strong incentive to stay in the country. According to the social value analysis of the programme, which was based on the internationally recognised Social Return On Investment (SROI) methodology , a world- class innovative approach for industry, the company’s total investment in the programme produced a social value representing a return ratio (SROI) of 4.24:1 . In other words, every €1 invested in the programme “ENGINEERS IN ACTION” generated the equivalent of €4.24 of social value, reflecting fully the advantages of such initiatives, which contribute to building an inclusive society offering equal opportunities within a sustainable environment. Support, for the 10th consecutive year, of the Scholarships Programme of the University of Piraeus , whose aim is to upgrade the level of studies, showcase excellence and open up prospects for a better future for young people, especially those coming from financially disadvantaged families, by offering to them equal access to the best possible education. Looking to encourage non-formal education and the creation of experiential learning conditions in Primary education, MYTILINEOS undertook the reconstruction of a classroom of the 6th Amaroussion Primary School into a Library and Multi-Purpose Room for the school’s children. In addition to renovation works using modern decorative elements, the room was also fitted with a modern audio-visual system installation, modern library cabinets and trays for Geographical and Educational maps, closed cabinets for storing equipment for experiments and mobile lab benches for holding experiments. Reading desks, made of materials friendly to children, were also purchased. Finally, an area of the room was configured as a carpeted, tiered seating area with cushions, to be used for reading- presenting stories to younger children and for play. In the current times of rapid technological advances, in which promoting novel ideas and encouraging their development, especially by the young generation, is more necessary than ever, strengthening youth innovation and entrepreneurship is considered of major significance for reducing unemployment and building economic prosperity. In line with its endorsement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, MYTILINEOS, focusing on innovation and on new developments in education and aiming to assist the creation by the young generation of added value that will remain in the country, is actively supporting youth innovation and entrepreneurship. More specifically, in 2017 the company supported: The “CanSat in Greece” pan-Hellenic space technology competition , which is organised by the European Space Agency. The aim of the competition is to firmly establish Greece as a participant in the European space technology competitions and to build a community of students that will turn to space technologies in the future and will recognise the opportunities that working on them offers. The “F1 in Schools” World Champions competition, which has been taking place for the last 12 years under the auspices of the Formula One organisation and is one of the most comprehensive S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education programmes that stimulate the students’ interest in the Natural Sciences, New Technologies, Engineering, Mathematics and beyond. The company provided financial support for the scientific project of the Omega Racing team from the “Ekpedeftiki Anagennissi” School, which represented Greece in the 2017 “F1 in Schools” World Champions finals held in Malaysia, finishing in 9th place. Finally, the financial and advisory support that MYTILINEOS provides to the Youth Entrepreneurship Council (SEN) of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) , aims to bring young people closer to entrepreneurial thinking and action, thus supporting entrepreneurship culture where it matters most – in education. During the 2106-17 school year alone, 8,810 students participated in the 10 programmes implemented by SEN and 95 virtual businesses were developed by students, bringing the country’s student community closer to creativity, innovation and teamwork. To make available through its programme, a specific number of paid jobs “in preparation for employment”, along two lines: Practical training (internship) and Professional training (traineeship), To include the Programme’s quality criteria in the company’s activities in connection with these jobs. To develop a framework of collaboration with academic organisations, with a view to taking joint action to bridge the “skills gap”, To examine its participation in the programme “Adopt an SME”, by covering the apprenticeship costs (the part not covered OAED, the Greek Manpower Employment Organisation) for young people employed in SMEs of the MYTILINEOS supply chain. T he objective of this management approach is to provide the customers, suppliers and business partners of MYTILINEOS with key information, so that they understand how the company manages the quality assurance and safety of its products, as well as how it aims to integrate responsible entrepreneurship into its supply chain. Relevance and boundaries of the Material Issue MYTILINEOS places emphasis on the quality and safety of its products. In addition to a catalyst for its business growth, product quality and client satisfaction, including continuous customer service and support, are also areas of continuous development for the company. Due to the diversity of the activities of its Business Sectors and to the geographical dispersion of its operations, the company has a broad client base. The company’s suppliers and business partners play a decisive role in its efficient operation, as they supply a broad range of products and services for use from the mining process and the production and maintenance of the aluminium industry, to the manufacturing and purchase of equipment for the delivery of EPC & Infrastructure projects and the operation and maintenance of Energy Complexes and in the development, construction and maintenance of RES plants. Given that the demand for new products with longer lifecycle spans and reduced environmental impacts is steadily increasing, the company invests in Research and Development, looking for solutions that will satisfy the varying needs of its clients, to offer a comprehensive servicewith the lowest possible burden on the environment. In this direction, the company’s key business partners and suppliers can act as catalysts, as they are an integral part of its efforts. The company’s policy in this area achieved the production/manufacture in Greece of a broad range of specialised materials and custom-made products that meet the needs of all its Business Sectors. Boundaries: TheboundariesofthisMaterialissueencompassthecustomers and the supply chain of MYTILINEOS’ Business Sectors. Major risks and relevant risk control practices: MYTILINEOS acknowledges that its production processes as well as its supply chain affects the attainment of its Sustainable Development objectives. In this respect, the company faces the following risks: GRI 103-1 GRI 102-11 GRI 102-15 Market practices Disclosure Management Approach Promoting youth innovation & entrepreneurship Buildingmajor partnerships for achieving the Global Sustainable Goals