58 59 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2017 Local Communities In implementing its social policy and seeking to strengthen and maintain social cohesion, MYTILINEOS focuses on the following areas: Bolstering local employment: As the core activities of MYTILINEOS are primarily located in the Greek region, the Company acknowledges and accepts its important role in the development and preservation of the prosperity of the local communities. In all the geographical regions where the Company operates, its human workforce derives mainly from the local population. In addition, the Company’s practice to include in the management teams of its Business Units senior executives coming from the local communities, enhances its ability to understand the needs specific to each area. Supporting the development of the local economy: All Company Business Sectors adhere to the principle of giving priority to the selection of local suppliers, provided that these meet their needs and particular requirements. Making a substantial contribution through the company’s annual Sponsorships & Donations plan: Taking concerted financial and technical assistance actions to support the implementation of local infrastructure works and to address immediate local needs, is a key pillar of the company’s social policy. Implementing programmes and initiatives that help tackle unemployment, promote balanced and multi-faceted improvements in the quality of life at the local level, support consciously and actively the local cultural, social and sporting life, and strengthen social inclusion and the protection of the environment in the wider sense, while in parallel raising each community’s awareness of local problems and strengthening its engagement in solving them. In each Business Sector, specialised Executives, in collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility Central Function of MYTILINEOS, manage the implementation of the relevant corporate policies and the organisation of the annual Stakeholder engagement events, so that local needs arising may be addressed and new opportunities for joint action may be examined. They also ensure transparency in corporate practices and enhance the crisis prevention or response mechanisms. Targets of the Material issue The long-standing goal of MYTILINEOS is to record and evaluate local needs and to contribute to meeting them, to create conditions for the sustainable growth of its local communities. In terms of its strategy in this respect, the company will seek to pursue its further mobilisation, by means of selected actions in vital social policy areas (poverty, unemployment, public benefit infrastructures, education, health etc.) which resulted from the alignment of its social strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals , so as to strengthen its collaborative activities and enhance the value it creates at the local and national level. For the last eight years, MYTILINEOS has been consistently holding its established Open Social Dialogue events with its Stakeholder groups. The company is one of the pioneers in this area in Greece, as this approach establishes the conditions for defining new attitudes and practices in its relationships with Stakeholders, taking as its starting point the characteristics of its Business Sectors. In line with the above, the MYTILINEOS Metallurgy & Mining Sector held its 3rd consecutive thematic consultation with its Stakeholders, entitled “Translating Entrepreneurship to value for society” . The continued development of relationships of collaboration with its Stakeholders, based on mutual trust and on the understanding of their expectations, the strengthening of transparency and the implementation of actions of a high social value in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, are the key pillars of the company’s Open Social Dialogue policy. Under this policy, MYTILINEOS has implemented from 2010 to this day the following: 12 local open dialogue events, 4 thematic consultations and 3 online consultations, exclusively on issues related to sustainable development. T he objective of this management approach is to provide the social groups, that affect and are affected by the business activity of MYTILINEOS, with access to essential information relating to the company’s responsible management of social issues of concern to its local communities and to the wider Greek society. Relevance and boundaries of theMaterial Issue From its establishment to this day, the history of MYTILINEOS has been connected with the economic growth of Greece and especially of the Greek region. This has been a constant evolving effort which takes various forms, all of which hinge on the Company’s undertaking to understand and respond to the concerns of local communities, by means of the open social dialogue processes it applies. Furthermore, MYTILINEOS, fully aware of the modern socio-economic environment, supports where possible the work of Local Government, offering its know-how and experience, while through collective efforts, it builds associations that yield multiple benefits, create added value and strengthen social cohesion Local communities are among the most important social groups of concern and interest to MYTILINEOS. The development and maintenance of relations based on mutual understanding, trust, prospects and benefits are aspects that guide the company’s policy and its practices. At the same time, they reduce the unexpected non-financial risks and enable the company to achieve its strategic objectives by improving its overall competitiveness. The company’s relationships and interaction with the local communities in which it operates are matter of great significance which helps it maintain both its social license and its reputation. Boundaries: The boundaries of this Material issue include primarily the local populations near the plants of the MYTILINEOS Business Sectors as well as the wider Greek territory in the context of social policy of the company. Major risks and relevant risk control practices: MYTILINEOS may face the following major risks: Performance in 2017 GRI 103-1 GRI 102-11 Disclosure Management Approach Open social dialogue GRI 102-15 Management of the Material issue GRI 103-2