46 47 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2017 Disclosure Management Approach In the EPC & Infrastructure Sector, two accidents occurred, resulting in a total work time loss of 28 days. Both accidents involved an injury to a lower limb sustained by two employees while they were working at construction sites. The events were analysed, and the primary corrective action taken involved the retraining of the employees. Health and hygiene matters are key to the quality of life of employees and, by extension, of the communities in which the company operates. MYTILINEOS has been consistently investing in this area, monitoring, assessing and controlling all work environment parameters in an effort to constantly improve the good health of employees and ensuring healthy living conditions at the workplace. Exposure to dust, noise, high temperatures and substances such as fluorine compounds, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons, are the main factors monitored systematically. Finally, in order to constantly improve the health of employees, the occupational physicians help promote a healthy lifestyle at the workplace, while the company offers medical care plans, over and above the statutory ones. Managing the safety of the personnel of independent contractors is a particular challenge for MYTILINEOS. The company is consistent in its efforts in this area and focuses on the need to alter everyone’s behaviour and mentality with regard to accident prevention. For example, contractors who employ a significant number of personnel at the facilities of the Metallurgy Unit’s aluminium plant, are required to implement an OHSAS 18001 certified Occupational Health & Safety management system, while the company evaluates regularly their performance using specific criteria. In 2017, no fatalities were recorded for this category of employees, while the number and rate of accidents with work time loss declined by 28.5% and 61.2% , respectively, compared to the previous year. A total of five (5) accidents occurred, all involving male employees, who by the end of 2017 were healthy enough to return to work. More specifically: In the Metallurgy & Mining Sector, one accident occurred, resulting in a total loss of 64 working days. The accident involved a contusion to the lower right leg sustained by the employee during lifting operations. The incident was analysed using the “Root Cause Analysis” method, and the following corrective measures were taken: (a) contractor personnel was retrained in operations involving the handling of elevated loads, (b) the incident as well as the lifting guidelines was presented to all personnel carrying out lifting operations, and (c) security actions (Safety Visits, Inspections etc.) were intensified. In the EPC & Infrastructure Unit, four accidents occurred, resulting in a total work time loss of 53 days. Three accidents involved limb injuries and, following the assessment of the incidents, the employees underwent retraining. The fourth accident was an electrocution incident resulting in a staircase fall. The following actions were taken: (a) damaged electrical materials were removed from the construction site, and (b) the subcontractor submitted the electrician licenses and other certificates in order to have their conformity verified. T he objective of this management approach is to completely eliminate the company’s exposure to corruption and bribery. MYTILINEOS acknowledges that ensuring transparency in all transactions connected with its business activities is crucial to its sustainability. The business ethics of MYTILINEOS are expressed by its steadfast opposition to all practices which invalidate competition, give rise to procedures lacking in transparency and compromise the very essence of entrepreneurship. The company acknowledges that corruption and bribery undermine the moral environment of businesses and have a broad range of negative effects that include violations of Human Rights, adverse impacts on the environment, distortion of the competition, and impediments to the distribution of wealth and economic development. These effects represent a major hindrance to sustainable development, have a disproportionate impact on poor communities, and corrode the very fabric of society. Addressing corruption and bribery is of major significance for MYTILINEOS because (a) it helps improve risk assessment andmanagement, (b) the compliance with the laws against bribery and corruption is mandatory, yet for MYTILINEOS legislative compliance is a non-negotiable principle in every region or country where it operates, (c) it serves its business goals (such as fulfilling the relevant tender requirements for construction projects), and (d) it helps protect the company from fraud and abuse, further enhancing its corporate image. Boundaries: Although there have been no (major or minor) impacts on this matter from the company’s establishment to this day, the boundaries of this aspect may be found in the company’s relations and transactions both within its Business Units and beyond those, with its key stakeholder groups such as public authorities, business organisations and regulators, customers, volunteer organisations and NGOs, as well as with its supply chain. Major risks and relevant risk control practices: MYTILINEOS may be exposed to the following major risks: Relevance and boundaries of the Material Issue Anti-Corruption GRI 102-11 GRI 103-1 Indirect employee data GRI 102-15