42 43 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2017 T his management approach includes qualitative information and quantitative data to enable the Stakeholders of MYTLINEOS to develop the best possible understanding of the manner in which the company manages the specific material issue, as a significant part of its responsible and sustainable development. Relevance and boundaries of the Material Issue Occupational Health and Safety has always been fundamental to the operation of MYTLINEOS and a primary business goal. As a responsible organisation, MYTILINEOS acknowledges its responsibility to ensure the best possible Health & Safety conditions in all its work areas, as well as the right of its direct and indirect employees to work without exposing themselves to any risk of injury or illness. MYTILINEOS acknowledges that the elimination of accidents and occupational disease incidents at the workplace and especially at its production facilities, plays a decisive role in boosting its competitiveness and achieving wider financial growth in general. Due to their nature, the company’s activity sectors are linked to Occupational Health & Safety issues (accidents with work time loss and occupational diseases) which may have a significant social impact, primarily in terms of the social problems caused to the employees and their families. Additionally, they can lead to other risks, such as: reduced output and productivity, low employee morale, increased cost of accidents/absences and the adverse effects on the image and reputation of MYTILINEOS. Boundaries: The impacts of MYTILINEOS’ operation on the Health and Safety of its employees are identified both within the operation limits of its Business Sectors and its subsidiaries, as mentioned in the relevant section of the Report, as well as beyond those, affecting key Stakeholder groups such as contractors’ personnel performing important tasks for the company as well as the residents of the local communities where the company is located and operates. Major risks and relevant risk control practices: The company has recognised the risks stemming from the exposure of employees to factors in their work environment which may be harmful to their health and safety. Occupational Health & Safety is a fundamental element of the Code of Business Conduct and of the corporate values of MYTILINEOS. MYTILINEOS adheres to the applicable Greek and European laws and the national regulatory provisions on Occupational Health & Safety without fail. In many cases, the compliance of the company’s Business Sectors with the relevant legislation is achieved by the company itself imposing much stricter limits through the relevant Management programmes and systems in place. The company applies an OHSAS 18001 certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System in all work areas. This system is designed to minimise risk, by allowing the continuous adoption of measures to prevent and minimise accidents and occupational diseases, providing for ongoing employee training and strengthening a safe work culture. The system is characterised by the following specific basic practices, which are applied in all company Business Units: Constant recognitionandassessment of occupational risks to which the precautionary principle applies, and implementation of the necessary measures to prevent them. Use of advanced prevention tools and exhaustive analysis of all accidents, near misses and safety incidents. Constant provision of information to personnel and systematic participation of personnel in special training programmes on Occupational Health & Safety. Implementation of targeted communication initiatives to raise employee awareness. Systematic inspection of the organisation and the processes in place to ensure complete adherence to safe work rules across all company activities and to protect the safety of employees, clients, associates and other citizens visiting the Group’s facilities. Additionally, the individual relevant policies in each Business Sector acknowledge the improvements in Health andSafety performance through the application of best practices, as a primary business goal and a commitment of the company’s Management. The systematic and continuous efforts to foster and promote a Health and Safety culture that encourages all personnel to act responsibly for their own personal safety as well as for the safety of those around them, is a long-standing commitment in daily operations. Scheduled or ad hoc safety inspections/audits are carried out by internal inspectors and by independent external safety auditors and their results are taken into account in the formulation of action plans for further improvements in H&S. Monitoring the Occupational Health & Safety function within the company, relevant Departments are in operation in each Business Sector, together with committees on Health & Safety issues in the Metallurgy &Mining and EPC & Infrastructure Sectors covering the employees. Targets of the Material issue MYTILINEOS attaches the utmost priority, on a daily basis, to the Health & Safety of its employees in the work areas of all its Business Units. MYTILINEOS continues to take constant care to ensure the achievement of the only acceptable target “ZERO ACCIDENTS AND ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES” , which is also the major challenge for the industrial and construction sectors. Occupational Health & Safety Disclosure Management Approach Management of the Material issue GRI 103-2 GRI 102-11 GRI 103-1 GRI 102-15