MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 74-75

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
The correctness of the forms of communication and marketing that
MYTILINEOS Group is applying is assured by monitoring and integrating
all developments in the relevant laws and by applying responsible prac-
tices that govern "below-the-line” promotion of the Group’s products
and subsidiaries and "above-the-line" communication at the central
corporate level, as well as the communication of our sponsorships and
social contribution programmes. The Group seeks to provide transpar-
ent information and to ensure that our messages are fully understood
by all its clients as well as by its other Stakeholder groups.
To this end, the communication associates of both the Corporate Centre
and the Group's subsidiaries are bound by the Hellenic Code of Adver-
tising-Communication Practice, compliance with which is established
on an advisory, preventive or even corrective basis by the Communi-
cation Control Board, in line with Greek laws. According to the Code's
principles, all advertising should be legal, decent, honest and truthful,
should be prepared with a due sense of social responsibility and should
conform to the principles of fair competition as this is generally accept-
ed in the market.
During 2014 there were no incidents of non-compliance with the regu-
lations and voluntary codes on marketing communications, including
product promotion and sponsorships, involving the implementation of
the Group's communication strategy. Moreover, the Group’s products
are not subject to any restrictions as regards their sale to specific mar-
kets and no significant issues of concern were raised by the Group’s
Stakeholders in connection with products and their marketing commu-
The issues in connection with this area raised in the context of the
Group’s consultation with its Stakeholders in 2015, concerned the fol-
(a) In the EPC Projects sector, the provision of assistance to the local
communities where METKA S.A. operates, the quality of its products
and the transparency in the way in which they are being promoted.
METKA S.A. meets these particular expectations by effectively and
continuously participating in the efforts to meet the needs of the local
community and of society as a whole, as well as by promoting trans-
parency in all its transactions and operations.
(b) In the Metallurgy & Mining Sector, the promotion and disclosure not
only of the individual expenditures made for the local communities
but also of the overall contribution by ALUMINIUM OF GREECE to so-
ciety and to the economy, as this will benefit the image of the compa-
ny itself and will help "decriminalise" entrepreneurship.
(c) In the Energy Sector, emphasis was placed on the need to provide
customers with services and incentives to increase energy effi-
ciency in the consumption of electricity and, in the future, to con-
sider the possibility of providing ESCO (Energy Service Company)
services. Expectations of better communication to the local com-
munities of the social contribution activities of PROTERGIA were
also expressed.
7.13 Responsible communication and marketing
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