MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 70-71

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
• Alumina
• Aluminium
• EPC Contracts
• Metal & Machinery
Categories and percentage of
significant Group products for which
health and safety impacts
are assessed for improvement
A core commitment and principle of MYTILINEOS Group, in all the
markets where it operates, is to avoid all unfair associations with potential
competitors which may lead to anti-competitive behaviour or practices,
including price fixing, concerted bidding, the application of restrictions on
production and/or the joint exploitation of markets through the sharing of
clients, suppliers, regions or trade activities.
A key policy of the Group's Corporate Centre, MYTILINEOS S.A., is to
make every effort to ensure that corporate activities are carried out by
employees and Executives in full compliance with the law and with the
regulations and principles that govern the Group's operation. Moreover,
the Group expects its employees and Executives to lawfully contribute
to the fulfilment of this key corporate requirement. In addition, a key
concern of MYTILINEOS S.A. is to regularly inform the personnel of the
Group's subsidiaries about the importance of adhering to all applicable
laws on competition and especially to provide Management Executives
with suitable training. Whenever required, all Group subsidiaries are
available to fully and effectively cooperate with the competent Competition
Authorities in the performance of their duties.
During 2014 the Group was not the subject of any Court petitions under
Greek or international law for anti-competitive behaviour and no
monetary sanctions were imposed for overall non-compliance of its
subsidiaries with the applicable laws and regulations.
In October 2014, the General Court of the European Union annulled the
European Commission decision of 13.07.2011, which had been issued
following a petition lodged by the PPC, ruling that the pricing of electricity
by the PPC to ALUMINIUM OF GREECE during the period from January
2007 to March 2008 qualified as State aid. Following the General Court’s
ruling, the PPC will reimburse to ALUMINIUM OF GREECE the amount of
€17.4 million plus interest, which the Company had paid to the PPC, i.e. a
total amount of €21.3 million. This amount will be reflected accordingly in
the Group’s accounting statements and financial results.
MYTILINEOS Group complies fully with the national laws and the
international guidelines and industry standards applicable to its activity
sectors in connection with the design andmanufacture of its products and
the methods it employs for their promotion and marketing. The Group
places particular emphasis on the quality of its materials, products and
construction projects and applies innovative production processes that
improve the quality, safety and environmental impacts of each product.
Overall, the strict adherence to the laws and regulations, the principle
that no product or construction project is released from one production
stage to the next unless the quality criteria of the current stage have been
fully satisfied, the strict application of the procedures under the EN ISO
9001 Quality Management System, the conduct of a Hazard & Operability
(HAZOP) Study for operational risk analysis and the staffing of the Quality
Control Departments with experienced personnel who are provided with
continuous training, are some of the fundamental aspects of the specific
policies on product quality and safety applied by our subsidiaries in the
Metallurgy & Mining Sector as well as in the EPC Projects sector.
7.10 Compliance
7.11 Product Quality and Safety
In the Metallurgy & Mining Sector, ensuring that mining and processing of
natural resources take place in a responsible and sustainable way is at the
core of our commitment to duly manage our product and, at the same time,
represents a critical stage that defines the level of the quality offered to our
customers. Key aspects of the management of our products are the tech-
nological upgrades of our machinery, the use of the strictest technological
specifications and processes and the minimisation of the solid and liquid
waste from our production activities.
For the last 50 years, ALUMINIUM OF GREECE. has embodied the impres-
sive evolution of the metallurgical sector in Greece, with a know-how in in-
dustrial and commercial practices that is found only among the world's top
metallurgical industries. The quality of its products and the provision of tech-
nical support and customer service are areas of continuous development.
An indicative example of the company’s efforts in this area is that, in re-
sponse to market needs and the requirements of competition, it invested in
the construction of an airslip technology casting unit in its plant’s Cast House.
This investment brought an impressive improvement in the quality of the
end product and reduced stock byminimising the unusable part of each alu-
minium billet, thus increasing the plant’s production flexibility.
In addition, the company has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate
for its products, while its quality control laboratory has been accredited by
Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (ESYD S.A.) in accordance with the re-
quirements of the ISO 17025:2005 International Standard, for the chemical
analysis of bauxite, alumina (both hydrated and calcined), and of aluminium
and its alloys. This accreditation concerns the Quality Management System
of the Laboratory and its technical competencies and overall adequacy for
carrying out tests in the areas for which it has been accredited.
Bauxite Mines
• Second largest bauxite producer in Europe with
~700 ktpa of production capacity.
• Long life of mine underpinned by 11mt of
• Long-term off-take agreement with third parties
in Greece and abroad.
Aluminium Smelter
• ~175 ktpa of production capacity
• Established customer base
• Long-term off-take agreements provide security
of sales
Alumina Refinery
• Amongst largest standalone smelters globally
• Producer of 17% of total European Alumina output
~815 ktpa
• Sufficient capacity to cover internal needs for the
smelter and to export ~500 ktpa
• Long-term off-take agreement with global and
regional players
334 MW CHP
• On-site power and steam production offering
purchasing flexibility – Secured Electricity Supply
• Internal Steam production using Natural Gas
Port Facilities
• On-site port facilities for incoming raw materials
and outgoing finished products, minimising
logistical costs.
Primary Aluminium Annual Capacity
175 ktn
Refined Alumina Annual Capacity
815 ktn
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