MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 68-69

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
7.8 Actions to Strengthen
In MYTILINEOS Group, the promotion of transparency is driven by a
combination of three factors: (1) The Group's corporate value which
refers to the Principle of Integrity in all transactions and which is
implemented by avoiding all transactions and contacts with any
third party which may be guilty or suspect of encouraging corruption
conditions; (2) the Group's voluntary public commitment to the 10th
Principle of the UN Global Compact Initiative, according to which "The
Group works against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and
bribery"; and (3) the disclosure of the Group's Management Practice on
strengthening transparency, which is connected to the Group's standing
commitment to zero tolerance towards corruption and bribery.
In 2014, the Group continued its efforts for self-improvement, in tandem
with its overall support of the promotion of transparency, by taking a
number of specific initiatives:
• Through the procedures applied in the Purchases – Procurement
Units of its subsidiaries, the selection of business partners and
all types of transactions were checked during 2014. In the context
of these checks, no incidents of corruption and bribery were
• A dedicated anti-corruption policy was developed in the Group's
subsidiary METKA S.A. and a special mechanism to allow
submission of complaints of related incidents is currently being
• The study of the self-assessment results regarding corruption and
bribery in the Group's subsidiaries was continued, with the aim to
fill any gaps at the level of policies and procedures, as well as to
take specific actions.
Participation in the “Call to Action" initiative of the UN
Global Compact Organisation
MYTILINEOS Group was one of the first 10 businesses to sign on to the
UN “
Call to Action
” global anti-corruption initiative. This initiative is an
appeal by the private sector to Governments to promote anti-corruption
measures and to implement policies that will establish systems of good
governance. The “
Call to Action
” urges Governments to place emphasis
on anticorruption and good governance as fundamental pillars of a
sustainable and inclusive global economy.
Commitment to the
10th Principle of the
Group Management
Practice on Actions
to Strengthen
In line with its commitment to internationally recognised principles
on the protection of Human Rights and acknowledging its share of the
responsibility to play a part in limiting their violations, MYTILINEOS Group
applies the Principles of the UN Global Compact, which aim to eradicate
all factors that promote child labour, the employment of young people in
hazardous work and all forms of forced or compulsory labour.
At the same time, the Group promotes the development, in all its
subsidiaries, of a "Suppliers and Business Partners Code of Conduct",
which takes into account the particularities of each subsidiary's relations
with its suppliers. Through this initiative, the Group applies in practice its
standing policy towards its supply chain actors, which consists in carrying
out prior checks and, under certain conditions, review its decision to enter
into an association with any supplier or contractor known to operate
using unlawful practices that encourage, condone or cover up incidents
involving the employment of persons under legal working age, the
physical or other unlawful harassment or the use of forced labour.
The Group also applies procedures for the prevention of such incidents in
geographical regions where its activity is considered to present a higher
risk of forced or child labour, such as the construction, through METKA
S.A., of power plants units in regions of the Middle East and North Africa.
In these regions, METKA S.A.:
• Takes all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the provisions
of the laws prohibiting child and forced labour by means of its
internal regulations and the Professional Ethics Code, which reflect
the business ethics and values that apply to all employees.
• Requires its Managers and Senior Executives to fully adopt and
defend these principles and to adhere to the applicable legal
• Concludes contracts with its business partners that contain clauses
on the mandatory compliance with the applicable national laws,
rules and regulations, in order to rule out all likelihood of incidents
of forced and child labour or of employment of young people in
hazardous work (Code of Conduct).
• Has in place at its work premises (construction sites or plants)
supervisors who carry out constant checks of subcontractors for
adherence to the law and for compliance with the contractual terms,
in order to eliminate all conditions which may encourage such
• Applies, to all projects that it undertakes, a process of regular
inspections and audits conducted by the corporate headquarters or
by independent organisations, in order to ensure adherence to the
rules for Health & Safety at work and the faithful application of the
terms of the subcontracting agreements.
To this end, in 2014 the Group applied for yet another year its standing
practices, such as the full compliance with the relevant laws, the
application of the relevant provisions of the Group’s Professional Ethics
Code and the mobilisation of the Human Resources Departments of all its
subsidiaries with regard to monitoring such incidents and to taking action
in cooperation with the representatives of the Employees' Unions, where
these exist. As a result, in 2014 no incidents of child or forced labour were
reported in all three of the Group's activity sectors.
Application of the Global Compact Self - Assessment
Tool for the protection of Human Rights
The Group takes advantage of the available international experience
and expands its practices by applying, on a two-year basis, the
self-assessment tool of the UN Global Compact Organisation
for the
systematic identification, assessment and correction of deficiencies in the
policies and processes of its subsidiaries in connection with the individual
areas of Human Rights protection, in line with the Group's values and
7.9 Child & Forced Labour
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