MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 56-57

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
Ensuring conditions of Health and Safety in all work areas is fundamental
to the operation of MYTILINEOS Group. This view is affirmed by the
Group's formal policy as well as by the fact that all Group subsidiaries
apply an Occupational Health & Safety Management System certified
in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 International Standard in all
work areas. This system is designed to minimise risk, by allowing the
continuous adoption of measures to prevent and minimise accidents
and occupational diseases, providing for ongoing employee training and
strengthening a safe work culture. Additionally, in full compliance with
the relevant European and national laws, the Group applies all required
measures to ensure the health and safety not only of its employees, but
also of external associates and visitors to the premises and construction
sites of its subsidiaries.
Percentage of total workforce represented
in Health & Safety Committees:
Percentage of total workforce represented
in Health & Safety Committees:
Targets for 2015
In METKA S.A., Health & Safety Committees function at the facility level (in every construction site or plant). More
specifically, the Health & Safety Committee at the Volos Plant is composed of employees, Union representatives
and members of the Management and is established in accordance with the provisions of the Greek laws. In
parallel, the Safety Technician and the Occupational Physician work closely with the Committee on all issues
regarding the safety, protection and health of employees. The Committee's members, the Safety Technician,
the Occupational Physician and the Company's representatives attend Training Programmes on Health & Safety
and related official information days. In addition, in each Company construction site specialised personnel is
on duty at all times to handle Health & Safety issues, first aid services are provided (personnel & equipment)
and an ambulance and Occupational Physician are available to administer first aid and handle emergencies.
In the ALUMINIUM OF GREECE plant, a Plant Health & Safety Committee (PHSC) is functioning, composed of
six (6) members elected by the ALUMINIUM OF GREECE employees. Additional Safety Committees have also
been established, led by Management Executives and composed of representatives from all Plant departments.
These Committees cover the following: Work at a Heights, Facility Lockout / Lockout Lifting and Confined Spaces,
Circulation, Subcontracting, and Training. These subjects correspond to the Plant'smainwork processes. Finally, the
Committees' work also involves the examination of proposals improvements to or revisions of these procedures.
• Zero work-related occupational diseases.
• To reduce the likelihood of risk of serious accidents and incidents.
• To comply with new regulatory requirements.
• To improve the inclusion of associated contractors / subcontractors and their personnel in the Plant's Health &
Safety management system.
• To improve the effectiveness, quality and full utilisation of the main Safety tools.
• To mobilise and improve the effectiveness of the Supervision function.
• To launch the gradual optimisation of Work Rules, through the establishment of small and flexible working
groups with the participation of the Management and of technical and labour personnel, with the ultimate aim
of improving ergonomics / work safety and addressing any weaknesses identified.
7.4 Occupational Health & Safety
Targets for 2015
In PROTERGIA, Health & Safety at Work (HSW) Committees have not been formally established at any level or
company facility. A communication and consultation process on HSW issues is applied, with the participation
of the personnel from the company’s Energy Centres, in the framework of the OHSAS 18001 Occupational
Health & Safety Management System. Consultations are held at least twice per year, in order to promote
the implementation of the Company's HSW policy in force, to communicate information on HSW actions
and programmes and to involve the employees, through their participation in the consultation process, in
the management of occupational risk. Moreover, as part of the HSW audits carried out in accordance with
the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, a mechanism has been established to
monitor implementation of the HSW regulations in the operation and other activities of the Energy Centres.
• Zero accidents with interruption of work.
• To increase training hours for employees on Occupational Health & Safety issues by 10% in 2015 compared to
• To achieve an annual Incident Frequency Rate (IFR) of zero.
The aggregate Health & Safety indicators of MYTILINEOS Group improved
markedly in 2014. The primary objectives regarding zero fatalities and
occupational disease incidents were achieved. In addition, the indicator
for accidents causing loss of work time (Injury Rate – IR) posted a
significant improvement for the Group’s direct personnel and supervised
employees across all activity sectors, dropping to 0.18 from 0.28 in 2013.
Health & Safety Indicators Group Personnel
• The number of accidents does not include incidents involving very light injuries.
• Days lost due to accidents are calculated starting on the day after the incident
and refer to scheduled work days.
Decreased by 35%
Decreased by 27%
Decreased by 89%
Health & Safety of MYTILINEOS Group personnel
2013 2014
Injury Rate (IR)
IR (Total)
IR (Men)
IR (Women)
Occupational Diseases Rate (ODR)
ODR (Total)
ODR (Men)
ODR (Women)
Lost Days Rate (LDR)
LDR (Total)
LDR (Men)
LDR (Women)
Absenteeism Rate (AR)
AR (Total)
AR (Men)
AR (Women)
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