MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 34-35

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
Key issues raised & Expectations – 2013
METKA S.A. was asked to clarify whether psychosocial
risk factors are considered in the professional risk
assessments carried out by the Company.
Psychosocial risk factors are considered and have been incorporated in
the company's Written Occupational Risk Assessment (WORA) document.
The company has in place a modern work environment with ergonomic
allocation of posts, fully functional buildings, provision of equal opportunities
etc. In addition to these and over and above the requirements of the law, the
company also offers financial and social benefits and facilitations, in order
to eliminate any effects which could be attributed to the work environment.
Such examples include vouchers for Christmas and Easter purchases,
vouchers for school students graduating with top marks and excelling in
University entry exams, the provision of interest-free loans to personnel
in cases of need, the adoption of flexible working hours, the provision of
private insurance plans and the organisation of a Christmas celebration
event for the children of employees.
The group of subcontractors of METKA S.A. proposed that
the company impose higher standards in the contracts with
its subcontractors, so that they become more competitive.
During 2015, the company will publish its Code of Conduct for Suppliers
and Business Partners, which will cover specific management, social and
environmental standards in accordance with the CSR principles and the
strategic directions of MYTILINEOS Group.
Response by the MYTILINEOS Group subsidiaries to requests from their Stakeholders, as these were raised in the Engagement process for 2013.
Key issues raised & Expectations – 2013
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE was asked to contribute to the
overall reduction of CO
emissions in the area.
TheMunicipality of Distomon - Arachova - Antikyra had signed the Covenant
of Mayors for the reduction of CO
emissions by 2020 by the year 2020. The
company put itself at the Municipality's disposal for the preparation of the
relevant study. Since the change of Municipal authority, no progress has
been made to this date regarding this study.
The Mayor of Levadia proposed a collaboration between
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE and the city's Public Vocational
Training Institutes (IEK), which are now back in operation,
for developing a vocational training programme whose
graduates would be suitably qualified and useful as
future employees of the company.
In collaboration with the technical training Department, ALUMINIUM OF
GREECE provided financial assistance for the construction of a biogas
plant of the Laboratory Centre (formerly the Vocational Training Centre)
and covered the cost of partitions for configuring the premises of the IEK.
In parallel, the company launched its collaboration with the Primary and
Secondary Education Directorate of Viotia and participates in information
and vocational guidance activities.
The Municipality of Distomon - Arachova - Antikyra
proposed that ALUMINIUM OF GREECE should undertake
an information campaign addressed to the families in the
local community. This campaign will concern the plant's
requirements concerning qualifications for recruitment,
so that parents can guide their children's studies in this
subject, in order to increase their chances of recruitment
by the company.
In collaboration with the Secondary Education Directory for Viotia,
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE executives participated in the vocational
guidance programme "From school to work", giving presentations in the
programme's 10 workshops, organised in Viotia schools among which
were the High Schools in the Municipality of Distomon - Arachova -
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE was asked to present the
method in which its needs which lead to recruitment are
established. The possibility for the company to employ
persons aged 50 to 55 was raised as an issue.
The company responded promptly to this request, during the Dialogue
Forum, by briefing the Stakeholders on its recruitment policy and the
respective targets for the following years.
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE was asked to ensure the
maintenance, on a long-term basis, of the sports facilities
in Aspra Spitia (tennis courts, indoor sports hall), as
well as to the establishment of a programme of cultural
events for the children of Aspra Spitia residents.
The company investigated and prioritised the relevant needs, invited
offers and scheduled the gradual upgrades of the sports facilities. Work
will begin with the tennis courts in 2015. The company continues to fully
cover the maintenance expenses and the costs for improvements to the
football field.
The need was expressed for ALUMINIUM OF GREECE
to strengthen its social profile during these times (with
an increased awareness of the problems faced by the
unemployed), taking of course into consideration the
difficulties that the company is facing.
In 2014, the company launched the programme "ENGINEERS IN ACTION",
under which it offers paid employment to young engineers with little or no
previous work experience.
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