MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 32-33

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
Stakeholder expectations
1. Employees
Key proposals
• Publication of PROTERGIA’s Suppliers Code of Conduct.
• The importance of supporting initiatives of a social nature, by providing assistance to organisations such as "Medécins
Sans Frontières", as well as to the organisation of meals for the homeless with the participation of the company's
employees, was pointed out. It was also proposed to the company to examine the possibility of supplying electricity to
social groups living on the verge of poverty.
2. Suppliers
/ Business Partners Key proposals
• Greater efforts regarding the utilisation of red mud (refers to bauxite residues) as a by-product.
• Seeing to the increase of the women's employment rate in the company.
• Establishment of scholarships for post-graduate studies in subjects of interest to ALUMINIUM OF GREECE and linking
them with the possibility of full employment in the company after their completion.
• Ensuring improved cleaning for the public road section used to transport bauxite residues, especially in autumn and
• Proposal for the company to become involved in actions in support of young entrepreneurs.
• Proposal for the company to further develop activities in the RES sector.
• Proposal for the establishment of collaborations with Greek research and academic institutions, investing in knowledge
and education.
• Proposal for better communication to the local communities of PROTERGIA’s social contribution activities. Extension of
the financial assistance to socially vulnerable groups in need of immediate help.
3. Local Government
Key proposals
• Proposal for the implementation of a teleheating system as an important project for the wider area.
• Proposal for collaboration with the Municipality of Loutraki, to establish organisations that will develop the natural
resources of the wider area.
• The Vice-Mayor of Volos responsible for Social Welfare expressed his hope of an increase in the scope of social
policy initiatives by METKA S.A. in the area.
4. Business
Organisations and
Key proposals
• Proposal for financial assistance to the Museum of Old Professions of the Levadia Traders Association.
• Proposal for collaboration with the Levadia Traders Association to increase the share of expenditures to local suppliers.
• It was suggested to the company to offer to customers (natural and legal persons) services (incentives) for increasing
energy efficiency and, sometime in the near future, to also offer ESCO (Energy Service Company) services.
• Proposal for the company to become involved in smart grid, energy storage and electric mobility activities.
• Two questions were submitted by the representative of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) concerning the
performance of METKA S.A.: The first question was whether or not this very good performance was achieved in
combination with State aid and the second concerned themanner in which the policies of METKA S.A. are implemented
in the local communities abroad, where the company is active, at the level of the specific projects it undertakes.
Stakeholder expectations
5. Press
Key proposals
• Proposal for the rehabilitation of the land areas used by the mining activity. In particular, the proposal was made to
the company to investigate the possibilities for development, where feasible, of the specific land areas by opening
footpaths and creating recreation areas with information displayed about the mining activity and its contribution to
local and overall prosperity.
• Proposal for placing emphasis on the promotion and disclosure not only of the individual expenditures in the local
communities, but also of the company's overall contribution to society and to the economy, as this will benefit the
image of the company itself and will help "decriminalise" entrepreneurship.
• A recommendation was made to the company to continue its strict adherence to safety rules and regulations. The
need to provide assistance, in the case of an accident, to the employee involved, even after the relevant formalities
are concluded, was stressed.
• Proposals for the improvement of Management - Employee relations: 1. Linkage of employee compensation and
productivity. 2. Employee representation in the company's Board of Directors. 3. Granting a part of the company's
shares to its employees.
• Proposal for investigating the possibility to increase the share of RES in the company's total portfolio of energy
production assets.
6. Academic
Key proposals
• Proposal for collaboration with the Ministry of Labour in the implementation of special work stress management
programmes for groups of employees working at an intensive pace. Provision of incentives to prevent employee burnout.
• Proposal for developing closer ties with the local labour market, so that the company becomes the hub of an innovation
for training and for dissemination of best practice results, with the involvement of all other parties. Example: Collaboration of
employees from the company's Lab with the National Centre for Scientific Research (NSCR) "Demokritos" and the Centre for
Natural Sciences of the Secondary Education Directorate for Viotia, in the development of innovative programmes.
• Proposal for the development of an environmental programme open to participations fromschools, in collaborationwith the
Regional Education Directorate and the School Advisors, to better promote the activities of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE in this
very important area and provide knowledge benefits to the students.
• Proposal for the continuation of the company's programme "The Future in Schools", covering the cost of teaching aids such
as interactive whiteboards.
• Proposal from the Antikyra High School concerning the following: 1. Painting of the schoolyard railings and of the building
in general. 2. New asphalt paving for the schoolyard. 3. Repair of a large hall in a nearby building which belongs to the
Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED) and is used by the School for gymnastics classes.
7. NGOs, Associa-
tions & Societies
Key proposals
• Proposal for linking the policy on sponsorships with the company's results.
• Proposal for the examination of the possibility to grant use of two flats in the company's Guest house to the Hellenic
Authors' Society and to the National Book Centre of Greece, for their authoring activities.
• Proposal for the investigation of the possibility to use the steam from the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant for
heating purposes in the Aspra Spitia settlement and in the wider area, in line with the target to reduce CO
• Proposal for financing the maintenance of the Aspra Spitia sports facilities and for the examination of the possibility
to construct an indoor Basketball and Volleyball court, to be used by the children for sports practice as well as by the
employees of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE S.A. themselves.
• Proposal for the company to develop activities to express its solidarity to ill and destitute citizens.
• Proposals for the implementation of various activities such as: Environmental awareness raising seminars for
primary and secondary education teachers and students; Increase company contribution to Arts & Culture; Reviving
life in the Aspra Spitia settlement
• The representative of the Greek Red Cross expressed his request for clarifications concerning the specialisations of
the occupational physician and nursing personnel that METKA S.A. has available in its construction sites abroad, as
well as on the vaccinations required for visiting these countries and working in them.
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