MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2014 Sustainability Report - page 26-27

MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
MYTILINEOS Holdings Sustainability Report
5.1 Corporate Responsibility Framework in MYTILINEOS Group
For MYTILINEOS Group, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key
strategic choice which over the last 10 years has been gaining increas-
ing significance for developing and sustaining its competitiveness.
The Group's primary objective is to introduce and implement related
initiatives, which guarantee the existence of ethical operation criteria,
respect for people and the protection of the natural environment in all its
business initiatives and activity sectors. For the Group, CSR Governance
is a multifaceted and complex process characterised by its conscious
self-commitment to the achievement of Continuous Responsible Devel-
opment, guided by its vision and values.
The vision, goal and pledge of MYTILINEOS Group is to continue to be a
driving force for growth and progress in the Greek economy and society.
Group Vision
Our principle is to ensure that the business excellence and growth of our Group
are guided by the moral principles and the values that keep unbroken our
alliance with society, with our people and with the environment. Our duty is to
create value for our clients, business partners and shareholders. Our goal is to
maintain our position as the dominant independent Energy producer in Greece
and a strong, competitive European Heavy Industry Group in the sectors of
Energy, Metallurgy and Construction.
Group Corporate Values
Business Excellence
“We are pursuing the continuous improvement of our performance in
order to achive optimal business results”
• Financial soundness / High profitability
• High efficiency / Excellent result
• Competitive advantage
• Continuous progress / Innovation
• High Safety & Quality standards
Human Capital
“Our Business success is based on our people”
• Team Spirit
• Integrity
• Communication
• Professional attitude
• Health & Safety at the Workplace
Society & Environment
“We elevate our corporate social responsibility to a daily practice”
• Socially responsible development
• Gaining the trust of the society around us
• Respect towards the environment
• Safety & Environmental Conscience
• Implementation of corporate values
• Identification and limitation of the negative impacts of the business activity
• Key Stakeholder groups' expectations
• Domestic and international trends in CSR
• Increased interest by investors and shareholders in supporting responsible
• Local community needs in terms of employment and economic growth
• Adherence to the law across all hierarchical levels
and activities of the Group
• Ongoing consultation and collaboration with Stake-
• Respect and care for employees
• Taking of initiatives to reduce the environmental
• Implementation of best practices that enhance
harmonious coexistence with the local communities
• Maintaining transparency and strengthening the
CSR Governance system, creating value for all
• Promotion of CSR in the Group's sphere of influence
• Membership in international CSR indicators and
standards, with the aim of continuously improving
and increasing the value added by the Group's
• Climate Change and protection of the
• Occupational Health & Safety
• Labour practices
• Safeguarding of Human Rights
• Local Communities
• Supply Chain Management
• Market Practices
• Corporate Governance
• Strengthening Transparency
• UN Global Compact
• Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
• ISO 26000 - Social Responsibility International
• OECD Guidelines
• ISO 14001 & ISO 14064 Environmental Standards
• OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety
• Corporate Governance Code of the Hellenic
Federation of Enterprises (SEV)
• Code of Sustainable Development Principles of the
Greek Mining Enterprises Association (SME)
• Participation in the Bloomberg Environmental-
Social-Governance (ESG) Survey
• Launch of in-house programme for training and redefinition of the role of the CSR teams of the Group's subsidiaries
• Implementation, for the 5th consecutive year, of the Stakeholder Engagement process
• Publication of the Sustainability Report 2014 in accordance with the GRI-G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
• Maintaining the Differentiation Level "Advanced" for the Group's Communication on Progress (COP) under the UN Global Compact
• Participation in the Bloomberg Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) Survey
• Participation in the Sustainable Greece 2020 initiative
• Participation in the UN Global Compact initiative "Call to Action" against corruption
"Corporate Social Responsibility is a conscious self-commitment of MYTILINEOS Group to the achievement of 'Continuous Responsible Growth', expressed by a
structured strategic approach to preventing and addressing risks, as well as to exploiting opportunities, in connection with the economic, environmental and social issues
that arise as a result of its collaboration and, by extension, its relations with Stakeholders, in the context of its efforts to achieve its business goals."
• Established Stakeholder Engagement process
• Group CSR Committee
• Group Legal & Regulatory Affairs Division
• Executive Management and CSR Teams of the Group’s subsidiaries
• Group Communication Department, staffed with specialist CSR Executives.
• Code of Ethics / Code of Conduct
• Accountability policy (Annual Sustainability Report)
• Improved management of sustainability risks
• Reduction of environmental and social footprint
• Development of mutual collaboration relations with Stakeholders
• Identification of opportunities and access to novel ideas
• Efficient relations with supply chain actors
• Maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the Group's sub-
• Attracting investor interest
Key reasons for the development of CSR
Strategic CSR Directions
Strategic CSR Initiatives in 2014
CSR Definition:
CSR Governance system
Key anticipated benefits
Key CSR action lines
Memberships in international
CSR initiatives
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